Biden Claims Russian Election Interference Wouldn’t Happen on ‘His Watch’

Daveda Gruber

by Daveda Gruber: On Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden has stated that Russia wouldn’t dare “undo” elections on his watch. Biden did an interview on CNN, which aired on Friday, where he made some strong claims about President Trump. The former vice president slammed Trump’s foreign policy and also […]

Yes the Klan still exists

jason kraus

A question was posed to me a while ago when the media was running around making a big case about “racism, Trump, and the Klan.” “Jason, do you think the Klan still exists?” “Of course they do.  They even come out and make statements quite often,” I answered. In 2010 […]

Freedom is too important.

jason kraus

I have a friend who likes to gamble. We used to have that in common. Don’t get me wrong.  I still like to gamble once in a while. I just don’t like to lose…so I’ve stopped. Needless to say when we did find ourselves in Reno, Tahoe, or Vegas, we’d […]

The Rule of Law no longer exists in America

jason kraus

Almost two decades ago (seemingly a lifetime) I had the unfortunate experience of working for an individual whom I did not like. This person had all the prerequisites. Communicated poorly, lied, cheated on their spouse, institutional fraud, etc. Without walking down the entire path again it is fair to say […]


jason kraus

The Me Generation has struck again. The Clintons, Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey brazenly outlined, in a 72 hour period, that they can do anything they want and nothing will happen. NOTHING. Bill actually met with Loretta on a tarmac (I hang out on airplane parking lots all the […]

Love One Another

jason kraus

Eckhart Tolle once wrote about the process of “presence” or “being”. William Shakespeare spoke about this as well, long ago, in the ever famous line, “to be or not to be that is the question.” I believe the concept of “being” is the positive evolution of the animal known as […]

“Is Barack Obama a muslim?”

jason kraus

Come on already.  It’s an easy question to answer. “Is Barack Obama a muslim?” When you watch Donald Trump and Ben Carson and the muslim issue is brought up it is very clear by their body language where they stand. They believe Obama is a muslim. They aren’t alone. My […]

Housing by Color of our skin

jason kraus

With Barack Obama readily admitting there is no plan for ISIS, or ISIL, Sunni or Shiite Islam, while sending more American troops to Iraq, the “Do Nothing Congress” (as maligned by uninformed progressives. This Congress has approved Obama’s more than doubling of the debt)  actually stopped (for the time being) […]

All lives don’t matter

jason kraus

Black lives matter. No they don’t. No life matters because of the color of one’s skin. White lives matter. Nope. All lives matter. Wrong. This is another gift from the progressives in the Boomer Generation. Everyone is important.  Everyone has something to offer.  Everyone is unique and talented in their […]