Useless Eaters

jason kraus

For many years I’ve taken “pen to paper” to provide rational thought that always requires facts in service to Freedom. I’ve shared many times about the idea of Conspiracy Theories in that there is actually no such thing. Humans indeed do conspire, it is literally happening in front of us […]

News? Not Really

jason kraus

I rarely watch the news anymore, local or otherwise. The local news is filled, and has been for years, with robbery, rape and murder, interspersed with commercials related to diabetes, erections or lack thereof, weight loss and “vaccinations”. My guess is most people don’t bother anymore, and according to reports, […]

America in Ten Years

jason kraus

Recently I was asked what I thought America would look like in ten years. The inquiry caught me by surprise as most aren’t thinking beyond their next Bill Gates McDonald’s French fries or fourteen hundred calorie Starbucks “coffee” brought to them by the gun/cop hating Howard Schultz. With that said […]

Happy Birthday America

jason kraus

“Freedom (Noun): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.” With the beginning of recorded time we know most humans have taken the path of least resistance, the road most traveled, regardless of outcome. From the Buddha to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, through Jesus, Shakespeare and Adam Smith, […]

Sadly Some Already Have

jason kraus

Currently the United States government is approximately thirty-trillion in debt. This does not include promises to repay Social Security or Medicare which some equate to hundreds of trillions of dollars. What does the current group of politicians think the next move should be? Yes, more debt. The increase of this […]

Ariz. audit enters final week

FAN Editor

OAN NewsroomUPDATED 1:24 PM PT – Tuesday, June 22, 2021 The Arizona audit is entering what will likely be its final week and volunteers are working over time to complete the paper examination portion of the audit. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Phoenix. MORE NEWS: Democrats Brace For Defeat […]