Facts Check

Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

Facebook Posts Misrepresent Photo of Rep. Tlaib

Quick Take A false narrative spread on Facebook claims Rep. Rashida Tlaib was “caught on film trying to attack someone.” The photo in question is actually from a 2016 Trump campaign event she protested. Full Story Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a freshman congresswoman from Michigan, has made headlines in her ...
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Trump Revises History on Mexico’s Wall Payment

President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise that Mexico would pay for a border wall, now misleadingly claims he never meant that Mexico would “write out a check” to pay for it. His campaign at least twice laid out specific methods of direct payment. In March 2016, the campaign ...
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Social Posts Distort Facts of 2013 Shutdown

Quick Take Viral Facebook posts say that former President Barack Obama “shut down the government to force Obamacare.” That’s misleading. Full Story The current partial government shutdown that began Dec. 22 arose as a result of an impasse between President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders over funding for Trump’s ...
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Video: Criminals Arrested at Southern Border

In this video, CNN’s Jake Tapper breaks down a misleading claim from the Trump administration about the number of people with criminal records arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border. In making the case for a border wall, White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, in a Jan. 6 CNN interview, ...
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Phony Claim On Elizabeth Warren’s Health

Quick Take A baseless claim about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s health is circulating on social media. Full Story Shortly after Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced on New Year’s Eve that she has formed an exploratory committee for president, an internet conspiracy theorist falsely claimed that she is taking an anti-psychotic medication. David ...
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Trump’s Budget Wouldn’t Erase Deficits, CBO Said

Under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2018, there would have been hundreds of billions of dollars in deficits each year from 2018 to 2027, according to projections from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. That contradicts Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s claim that the U.S ...
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Bogus Claim on Interest Rate Increases

Quick Take The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates nine times since 2015, so a claim circulating on social media that there were no increases during the Obama administration is wrong. Full Story The central bank raised interest rates on Dec. 19, 2018 for the ninth time since 2015. Two ...
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Video: FactChecking Trump’s Immigration Address

In this video, we review four statements that President Donald Trump made during his national address on illegal immigration. In his Jan. 8 speech, the president called on Congress to appropriate $5.7 billion for a wall along the Southwest border to address what he called a “crisis” at the border ...
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FactChecking Trump’s Immigration Address

In a national address, President Donald Trump called on Congress to provide $5.7 billion for a border wall to address what he called a “crisis” on the border. The president made some false and misleading claims, and provided some facts without context: Despite the president’s claims of a “crisis,” the ...
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Story Cherry-Picks in Assessing CNN Ratings

Quick Take A story shared on Facebook uses selective TV ratings data to make the misleading claim that CNN was not one of the 10 most watched cable networks in 2018. Full Story A conservative website takes aim at CNN by misrepresenting recently released 2018 year-end TV ratings data. The ...
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Misleading Border Crime Statistic

U.S. Border Patrol encountered 6,259 immigrants with criminal convictions, many of them for illegal entry charges, in fiscal 2018, according to the most recent statistics. Yet, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney misleadingly claimed authorities “had arrested 17,000 criminals at the southern border.” President Donald Trump, too, included this ...
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RNC Misleads on ‘Immoral’ Democratic Bill

Republican National Committee tweets in recent days have attacked a Democratic-sponsored bill in the House as “immoral” because it “would spend $54 billion taxpayer dollars on foreign countries” but not address “the border crisis here at home.” But that’s the same amount that Republican-controlled appropriations committees approved in June for ...
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