Facts Check

Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

Meme Uses Litter Photo to Spread Garbage

Quick Take A viral meme claims that environmentalists littered a California park on Earth Day, but the image is from a 2009 college football tailgate in Georgia. Full Story A meme that has accrued thousands of shares on Facebook casts blame on environmentalists for littering a supposed California park — “on ...
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Nadler Gets the Facts Wrong on Russia Probe

Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, misrepresented the facts regarding two key moments in the special counsel’s investigation of President Donald Trump and his campaign: Nadler claimed that the email inviting Donald Trump Jr. to “a meeting with the Russians” at Trump Tower in June 2016 offered ...
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Germany Not Seeking Ambassador’s Removal

Quick Take Viral posts online claim incorrectly that Germany has requested the removal of the American ambassador. An opposition party lawmaker in Germany’s Parliament called for that, but the German government itself has not taken that position. Full Story America’s ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has been in Berlin for ...
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A Made-Up Quote and a Made-Up Target

Quick Take A popular meme attributes an ageist and inflammatory remark to a supposed Democrat from New York, but there is no trace of any elected officials by the name Jenna Tull. Full Story We’ve debunked a number of viral memes that have attempted to tie erroneous quotes to well-known ...
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Democratic Medicare Spin

Democratic lawmakers claim the president’s proposed 2020 budget would “ransack” or “slash” Medicare and Medicaid, likening it to an “assault on Medicare” and “the health care of seniors and families across America.” Experts agree the proposed cuts to Medicaid are significant, but many of the Medicare proposals echo those of ...
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Trump Touts Questionable Survey Results

A national survey promoted by President Donald Trump may not show that “50% of Americans AGREE that Robert Mueller’s investigation is a Witch Hunt,” as he tweeted. The Suffolk University/USA Today survey, taken March 13-17, asked the following: “President Trump has called the Special Counsel’s investigation a ‘witch hunt’ and ...
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The Facts on White Nationalism

In the wake of the attack on two New Zealand mosques, President Donald Trump said he did not see white nationalism as a rising threat around the world, but rather “a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.” Experts, however, say there are a number of indicators ...
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Satirical Story on Harris Treated as Fact

Quick Take A story originally written as satire has been circulating online without a disclaimer, sparking angry comments from social media users on the story’s made-up claim that a new bill from Sen. Kamala Harris would restrict the use of weapons by police. Full Story A bogus story about new ...
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Meme Distorts Quran Verses

Quick Take A viral meme has paired old misrepresentations of the Quran with a picture of Rep. Ilhan Omar. Full Story A handful of distorted quotes from the Quran have been circulating on blogs and anti-Islamic websites for years, but their exposure recently surged when they were paired with a ...
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Supposed ‘Child Bride’ Photo Debunked in 2014

Quick Take A photo circulating online claims to show a young girl being “sold into sexual slavery.” But, according to fact-checking sites in 2014, the picture is from an old video of a child participating in a Quran recitation. Full Story A meme claiming to show a child bride is ...
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Viral Image Does Not Show O’Rourke

Quick Take Dubious posts on social media erroneously claim that a photo of an activist is former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who is also running for president. Full Story Multiple, popular posts on Facebook in recent days misidentify a nearly naked activist as former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke. The man in ...
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Video: Trump’s Border Wall Spin

This week’s fact-checking video by CNN’s Jake Tapper concerns several claims by President Donald Trump to justify his national emergency declaration for a border wall. Trump falsely claimed that the U.S. is “on track to APPREHEND more than one million people coming across the Southern Border this year.” In fact, ...
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