Facts Check

Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

Who’s to Blame for Higher Gas Prices?

With gasoline prices rising, Sen. Chuck Schumer placed the blame on President Donald Trump, and specifically his decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. But experts say that decision has had only a modest effect so far on rising prices at the pump. One expert estimated the impact ...
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Scientist Schools Congressmen on Climate

During a recent hearing on the role of innovation in addressing climate change, several Republicans made faulty claims about the climate, past and present: Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks falsely claimed river sediment deposits and rocks falling from cliffs cause sea level rise, later writing that this was “the #1 cause.” ...
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CNN Not Shutting Down

Q:  Is CNN going to shut down because of poor TV ratings? A: No. There is no evidence to support that headline from a known purveyor of viral deceptions. FULL ANSWER CNN is not preparing to shutter, despite what an online headline claims. “CNN To Permanently Close Its Doors As Ratings ...
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No New Charges for Maxine Waters

Q: Has Rep. Maxine Waters recently been “charged on 3 counts”? A: No. The California Democrat was investigated for ethics violations following a 2008 meeting, but she was found to have broken no rules. FULL ANSWER Nearly a decade ago, Rep. Maxine Waters was investigated for potential ethics violations. That ...
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Trump’s Misleading L.A. Story

President Donald Trump claimed that federal immigration officials asked the Los Angeles Police Department in January to detain an “illegal immigrant,” but the police “let him go, and he killed somebody.” That’s not how it happened. The murder occurred last summer — before federal immigration officials say they issued a detainer ...
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Trump’s and Pelosi’s Immigration Spat

President Donald Trump’s use of the word “animals” in what he says was a reference to MS-13 gang members has resulted in a spat between the president and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: Pelosi criticized Trump for saying “undocumented immigrants” were “animals,” adding that we have to “respect the dignity ...
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Trump Misquotes Clapper on FBI ‘Spy’

In a morning tweetstorm on the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump misquoted James Clapper. Trump claimed the former intelligence director said, “Trump should be happy that the FBI was SPYING on his campaign,” when, in fact, Clapper said the FBI did not spy on his campaign. Clapper said that Trump ...
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Trump Blames Own Border Policy on Democrats

President Donald Trump wrongly blamed Democrats for a Trump administration policy that will separate parents and their young children caught entering the U.S. illegally. “We have to break up families,” Trump claimed, because of “bad laws that the Democrats gave us.” But there is no such law. Instead, it’s the ...
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No Antifa Connection in Texas School Shooting

Q: Did the school shooter in Santa Fe, Texas wear an Antifa insignia? A: No. There is no evidence that he was a member of that loose organization of activists. FULL ANSWER Officials are still investigating the shooting that left 10 dead and 13 wounded at Santa Fe High School ...
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National Rifle Association

Political leanings: Conservative/Gun Rights Spending target: Unknown The National Rifle Association of America is a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) nonprofit that advocates for gun rights and claims more than 5 million members. The NRA has a political action committee — the National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund, or NRA-PVF — registered ...
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Santa Fe Gunman Didn’t Proclaim ‘Love for Obama’

Q: Did the alleged gunman in the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School confess “love for Obama”? A: No. That story was first published on a self-described satirical website. FULL ANSWER The alleged 17-year-old gunman who authorities say confessed to the shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas last week — ...
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Deadly ‘Pot’ Not Approved by The FDA

Q: Did an FDA-approved form of “synthetic marijuana” lead to recent deaths in Illinois? A: No. The drugs that have killed four people in the last two months are unregulated and illegal. FULL ANSWER Four people have died after using drugs made to imitate the high of marijuana in Illinois over ...
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