Facts Check

Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

O’Rourke Twists Facts at Town Hall

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke twisted the facts on several topics, including immigration and gun control, during a CNN town hall. O’Rourke incorrectly said Trump is “proposing to build a 2,000-mile wall” at a cost of $30 billion. The administration has proposed a 10-year, $18 billion plan that would increase ...
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Doctored Photo Adds Biden Smooch

Quick Take A photo of a woman protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been manipulated to make it look like former Vice President Joe Biden was there and kissed her. Full Story Joe Biden, who is leading the pack of Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for ...
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Manipulated Time Cover on Climate Recirculates

Quick Take A viral meme attempts to undercut the evidence of climate change by using an edited cover of Time magazine — and regurgitating a misleading claim about “global cooling.” Full Story  A doctored cover of Time magazine casting doubt on climate change has circulated for years — at one point, ...
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FactChecking Trump’s Fox News Interview

President Donald Trump, in a lengthy interview on Fox News, made several statements that were false, misleading or not supported by the evidence: Trump claimed Joe Biden, as vice president, pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who “was after his son,” Hunter Biden. There’s no evidence that Biden was under ...
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Unverified Teddy Roosevelt ‘Quotation’ Lives On

Quick Take Viral social media posts attribute a quotation about how “to anger” a conservative and a liberal to President Theodore Roosevelt. But there’s no evidence he ever said it. Full Story A popular meme revived on social media puts words in the mouth of President Theodore Roosevelt. “To anger ...
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The Trumps vs. de Blasio on NYC Crime

President Donald Trump and his son Eric both took shots this week at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying crime has risen in the city under his leadership. That’s wrong, according to crime data kept by the New York Police Department. Major felony offenses have dropped every year ...
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Trump’s Energy Errors

President Donald Trump clearly supports the oil and gas industry, but he made several false and misleading boasts about his impact on the energy sector. The president suggested that a change in federal policy was responsible for a newly operational natural gas export terminal, saying past leaders’ “anti-American energy” policies ...
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Meme Distorts Gillibrand’s Immigration Idea

Quick Take Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has not proposed giving Social Security benefits to “illegal aliens,” as a popular meme claims. She wants to overhaul the immigration system to give individuals in the U.S. illegally a way to become citizens and collect benefits after paying into Social Security. Full Story At ...
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Solitaire Image is Old, Out of Context

Quick Take An image of elected officials playing a computer card game has gone viral on social media. But the photo is from 2009, and it shows state lawmakers in Connecticut, not members of Congress. Full Story  Deception and poker go hand in hand, but one of the latest viral ...
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Social Post Wrong About Obama’s Tax Returns

Quick Take Former President Barack Obama, like many major party presidential nominees before him, released his tax returns — despite a popular social media post that implies otherwise. Full Story As congressional Democrats fight to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns, a popular post on social media implies — wrongly ...
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Economists: Tariffs Not Boosting GDP

Tariffs imposed by the Trump administration have a small, negative impact on gross domestic product growth, according to economists, the Congressional Budget Office, the International Monetary Fund and the top White House economic adviser. That contradicts President Donald Trump’s repeated claim that the tariffs have boosted the GDP. As the nonpartisan ...
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Meme Inflates School Shooting Deaths

Quick Take A meme circulating online claims that 7,182 students have been “killed in U.S. schools” since 2012, but that number is inflated. It likely refers to all firearm fatalities involving children, including suicides and shootings off campus. Full Story Dozens of students have been shot and killed on school ...
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