Fairness equals two losing teams

jason kraus

A few years ago I listened to an individual try to explain why some Americans don’t hate Communism and Communist propaganda as much as they do Nazism or Fascism. His view was the media during World War II covered the atrocities done by Hitler, and the world was given the truth, through the Nuremberg Trials. On the other hand because certain parts of the Allied leadership didn’t want to deal with the other evil (Stalin) negotiations took place.

His point was the American media never completely dissected Communism allowing it to survive and morph into other labels. “Fairness”, “Equal Societies”, “It takes a village” are all types of terminology that negate the individual and trumpet the “group” or “commune”. Even as a child I knew the idea of everyone being equal was a lie. I watched adults who worked hard and saved their money get ahead while others squandered their lives, and their opportunity, to pursue happiness.

On athletic fields I competed to win, hated to lose, and never contemplated the idea of a “tie”. When occasionally a baseball game would be called because of darkness the overwhelming feeling on both sides was disappointment. There was no outcome.

The winners couldn’t celebrate and the losers couldn’t regroup and plan how to get better. It was the classic case of everyone gets a ribbon for “participating”. We didn’t do participation ribbons or trophies too much in my generation. The one time I did get the dreaded “I was here” ribbon I threw it in the trash.

Yet this type of belief system has not only permeated but flourished. Over the last three decades America has implemented racial and gender “fairness” programs to make things “equal”. Through housing, employment, and education, programs that were sold as “societal checks and balances” became a free for all (literally in some cases) and created our current debt structure. In many cases similar to Russia where their economy is cratering and the Ruble is teetering on disaster.

Regardless of the color of our skin or our gender, successful Americans have one thing in common. The belief in personal responsibility. Not “communal rights” or “village idiocy”. The basic premise that we have “free will” as individuals. That we are required to take care of ourselves. We don’t need and won’t take a hand out or a hand up. We will pass, as we say thank you though, and God bless.

It is because of this “American” individual belief system that we are the strongest, most vibrant, successful nation in the history of nations.

The reason I am covering this today is because of the importance of the truth. As the ignoring of Stalin’s behavior took place it was allowed to survive and now thrive in our own country. Stalin, Communism, Oppression…these are all the same thing and unfortunately these types of systems have taken over our government.

It’s why I return to Clinton and Bush as much as I do. To show regardless of party, oppressive systems have been implemented and continued. This isn’t a conspiracy. These people and their ilk want POWER and will do whatever is necessary for it to be obtained.

But there is a better way and it is within our grasps if we are willing to stretch, to believe, to require a better path. I know we can and I know we have it in us to restore and reclaim our country. Over the last couple of months I’ve received thousands of comments, notes, and emails.

Out of every hundred I receive, about eighty, are in agreement, fifteen in defense of Obama and five in defense of Bush.

I’ve yet to see anyone defend Clinton.

Hang in there Obama supporters. When he leaves you’ll still have Sharpton.

Never fear Bush defenders. Jeb is right around the corner with his love of Common Core and Amnesty number two. I’m sure W will endorse him soon.

The exciting part is the eighty percent! You want OUR country back as much as I do! But it isn’t going to come without work. I received a comment from a “concerned” citizen:

“You sound great! Now put your money where your mouth is.”

Apparently he hasn’t read Late Bird or any of my columns about not accepting campaign contributions. I’ve been doing this for two years.

Who does he think is paying for all this?

Silly liberal. I guess it didn’t occur to him that someone would love their country so much they would spend their own money to restore her.


I earned it and I spend it in service to America. It is an honor, a duty, and a privilege.

But that’s where the money spending stops. With me. I don’t want or will ever accept your money. But as I said previously I need your time. As our message is spread across America new ideas and energy unfold and the greatness of America, YOU, want to help. Amen and God Bless. I have two small requests.

First, go to my website and type in your email.


This will allow you to receive each column I write directly. This will also allow you to forward it on to your friends, family, acquaintances, business contacts, everyone. We need to spread the word.

Second. We are in the process of building a network within Facebook. We are currently looking for ten people in each state on Facebook. We are looking for these people to join fifty like-minded groups and then share each column I write into the groups every time. Laura Watts Ruiz has graciously offered to oversee the network. Please contact her with your information and for any help you may need. As always I am here as well.

Joining groups on Facebook is easy and there are thousands of them. It takes exactly five seconds to join. It also takes about ten seconds to share my columns off your page into the groups. the math on this is even easier.

10 wonderful Americans per State joining together equals 500.

500 people sharing into 50 groups each is 25000 shares…and that is just the beginning.

Facebook has over one billion active accounts around the world. Theoretically we can never leave our homes…and change the world by showing a better way for America.

I am constantly being asked “how can I help?”

Or, “America is in trouble but I am only one person.”

One person is the only way anything ever changes and technology has changed the rules. It’s time to make technology work for freedom rather than against it.

You, me, the next person and so on. The beauty of this is it will not cost you a single penny, can be done from the comfort of your couch, and will only take twenty minutes. Now for those of you who love America and have the time press on!

Join as many groups on Facebook as you can and keep sharing. Don’t bother with follow up or comments. There will be plenty of good…and a few bad. Let it all go. You are the messengers. The message speaks for itself. You just spread the word one share at a time. We have about ten months. Other wonderful things are happening as we speak and I will update you as these things unfold. But for now, I need your help.

In service to your fellow brothers and sisters.

In service to Freedom.

In service to America.

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time


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