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Every year at Christmas time I try to provide some levity with brevity and lessen the gravity, of our current political cranial cavity. A situation that soon shall correct itself, without the help of Santa’s elves. In the meantime let us borrow from Rudolph and Santa, and share a little […]

Protection or Politics

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Neil Gorsuch had a real opportunity. Senator Orrin Hatch, interestingly enough, walked the Supreme Court Nominee right into Marbury versus Madison.  Gorsuch could have spent a significant amount of time providing knowledge (assuming he had some) or at least both sides of the argument in the 1803 case. Instead he […]

Political Parties are the Past…Free the American Citizen

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Simply put the definition of Democracy is the Majority ruling over the Minority.  You may get some pseudo-intellectuals (lawyers/professors)  pontificating around the edges but stripping away all the noise Democracy is about the Majority dictating to the Minority. Those in the Majority think this is great…those in the Minority…not so […]

A child may lead us

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Recently as I finished speaking with an office manager at a local successful business I was asked about my trip to Oklahoma. “I’m heading out to meet Americans face to face.  We’ve got some problems to fix.” Behind me a young yet powerful voice resonated through the room. “Barack Obama […]

Facebook isn’t a Constitutional Right.

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The truth can be an interesting thing. When embraced it can bring strength and peace. I make it a point to write or speak about things that are true. Unfortunately some people simply cannot handle the truth because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Let me give an example. The 1st […]

Housing by Color of our skin

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With Barack Obama readily admitting there is no plan for ISIS, or ISIL, Sunni or Shiite Islam, while sending more American troops to Iraq, the “Do Nothing Congress” (as maligned by uninformed progressives. This Congress has approved Obama’s more than doubling of the debt)  actually stopped (for the time being) […]

All lives don’t matter

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Black lives matter. No they don’t. No life matters because of the color of one’s skin. White lives matter. Nope. All lives matter. Wrong. This is another gift from the progressives in the Boomer Generation. Everyone is important.  Everyone has something to offer.  Everyone is unique and talented in their […]


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An article this week was written about a poll that proclaimed George “Mission Accomplished” Bush was slightly more popular than Barack “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” Obama. And? This is like asking your preference between testicular or rectal cancer. I think I’ll pass on both. According […]