jason kraus
Every year at Christmas time I try to provide some levity with brevity and lessen the gravity, of our current political cranial cavity.
A situation that soon shall correct itself, without the help of Santa’s elves.
In the meantime let us borrow from Rudolph and Santa, and share a little Xmas banter.
A ditty that’s witty.
A song about the wrong, and I encourage you all, to carol along,
Or if you are so inclined, gather your mind and your behind, and record your time.
Singing a yule tide tune, that’s sure to make the Liberal loons, howl at the moon.
It’s only fair that we share, with the Progressive bunch,
They can at least, entertain us once.
Without further ado or aplomb, I welcome one and all to sing, to hum, to bump the gums about the dumb bums until you’re numb on rum, or out of Tums and please enjoy… a very Hilly Xmas.
You know Nancy and Alex and Chuckie and Barry,
Billy and Willie and Louie and Harry,
But do you recall, the most famous traitor of all,
Bump ba da bump bump,
Hilly the red backed commie, couldn’t stand without a hand
(Like a Ginsburg)
Filled with so much hate and vodka
They picked her up and threw her in a van,
(Like a criminal)
All of the other Libbys, cowered and voted thrice in the booth,
They chose the red backed commie because they couldn’t handle the truth.
Like Jack Nicholson,
Then one shiny November day, the American people had enough,
They soared and roared and said no way,
And kicked the traitors in the duff.
Bump ba da bump bump,
Then all the country was happy, as a red-haired man took the stage,
America dreamed of justice, and the red backed commie in a cage.
Like a Weinstein.
Bump bump
Merry Christmas America, Happy New Year and have no fear.
2019 is near, a year in the Democratic mirror filled with jeers and leers and Hollywood tears giving Americans an opportunity to break out our gear!
So for one last time, in rhyme, dropping dimes, lemon-limes, I like most chimes,
I wish you a very Hilly Xmas with much hasten,
Kraus Jason
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