Biden Says Son Was US Attorney General

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by Daveda Gruber:

Presidential candidate for 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden apparently forgot what his late son, Beau Biden did for a living.

On Thursday during a CNN town hall with a live audience Biden claimed that his son, Beau was the “Attorney General of the United States.”

The elder Biden was sadly mistaken because his son Beau was Attorney General of Delaware but not the United States.

Anderson Cooper of CNN was the moderator and asked Biden, “How will you restore the barriers between the Department of Justice and the Oval Office?”

Biden answered, “Never direct the Justice Department as to who they should or should not indict and under what circumstances they should or should not. That is an independent judgment to be made.”

Biden went on to stumble through his words and said, “My son  ̶̶  the one who  ̶̶  my deceased son, was the Attorney General of the United States and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in one of the largest offices in the country in Philadelphia.”

Biden then added, “And I’ll tell you what, he wouldn’t even talk to me about anything he was doing  ̶̶    his father  ̶̶   and he shouldn’t have, and I didn’t have any control over either one of those things.”

Here’s a tweet that shows Biden speaking:

The caucus have begun in Nevada and hopefully we’ll have the results in a timely manner. We’ll find out if people in that state support the gaffe machine known as Joe Biden or one of the other 2020 Democratic candidates.

Personally, I cannot imagine standing behind any of them.

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