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Last Sunday I received a telephone call from a friend.

“Did you see what happened in Orlando, Florida?”

“I did.”

“Crazy huh?”

“No crazier than Fort Hood, or Boston, or San Bernardino.”

“Do you think the stock markets will go down on Monday?”

“They might but it won’t have anything to do with Orlando.  The Central Banks control the markets…for now.”

There was a pause and then a question, “what do you think will happen?”



“Yep.  Nothing.”

What I wanted to say was too many Americans are still supporting Obama and Clinton who support CAIR, Black Lives Matter, and La Raza.

The rest support the Republicans who are either benefiting individually from their positions or are too cowardly to do anything.

Americans continue to die, debt continues to grow, and women and children continue to be trafficked through the border.

Somehow these same people keep getting elected.

People died in Boston.

Nothing changed.

People died in San Bernardino.

Nothing changed.

Why would Florida be any different?

It won’t.

Currently an overwhelming majority of politicians from both Parties are attacking a man (Donald Trump) who has never been in office.

A man who has never cast a vote for anything.

A man who could probably buy and sell each one of them hundreds if not thousands of times but according to them…he is the problem.

This man is being called a racist (by definition improbable as I doubt he hate humans), a bigot (believers of Islam are bigots as those who don’t “believe” are called apostates or infidels…this is bigotry), Hitler, and inexperienced.

Someone said to me a few months ago “what kind of experience do you have to be a U.S. Senator?”

“Who said you need experience?”

“You know what I mean.”

I thought about if for a second.

I was tired of giving people my resume.

It always sounded like boasting.

Yes I have experienced life.  Yes I have earned, created, and served others.  Yes I’ve been in both the public and private sector.

Yes I can afford to go to D.C. and not be paid.

But seriously…who cares?

ANYBODY would be better than these incompetent liars, and yet as stated earlier, Californians, while complaining about their options, did nothing but repeat the insanity by choosing two career politicians who both openly support CAIR and La Raza.

Upon reading the last sentence if you are asking yourself what CAIR or La Raza is, or means, then please find a mirror.

Problem found.

Still, it is incorrect to attach most of the blame to elected officials.

This isn’t a chicken and egg thing.

Too many of the citizenry don’t vote (apathy) and the rest continue to choose people without morals, values, or common sense.

We shouldn’t be surprised when they act accordingly.

The real question is why are we making these selections?

As a society, are we choosing those that match our own ethics, or is this a twenty-four year case of self-immolation?

Do we believe Islam is woven into the fabric of our country, Hamas is a humanitarian organization, and Sharia Law is compatible with the United States Constitution as stated by many Democratic politicians or are the humans voting for these people ignorant of these statements?

I don’t know anymore and to be frank I don’t care.

It pains me to even speak with humans at this level of ignorance (so I don’t anymore) as I hold these people responsible for the continuance of madness.

Another example of this took place last Monday.

Occasionally I turn on Fox Business in the morning to check the markets.

On this morning Stuart “Vahney” was feigning anger and indignation about the “radical jihadist muslim islamic lone wolf terroristic act” in Orlando (these progressives LOVE long handles) while giving air time to a “follower of Islam”.

Of course no one asked this “follower of Islam” which path he was taking.

Sunni or Shiite.

Regardless “Vahney’s” guest started defending Islam by saying there are Muslims AND Christians who hate homosexuality.

He said this two or three times before “Vahney” finally corrected him by saying “Christians aren’t running around killing homosexuals”.

This was answered  by saying “not any more but it did happen”.

Giving this man any air time is criminal.

He is justifying the murder of humans through Islam.

He then said not all Muslims hate homosexuals (even though homosexuality is punishable by death in Muslim countries, Sunni or Shiite.)

This “rationality” is the same as saying Nazism didn’t hate Jews…just Hitler did.

The KKK didn’t hate Black Humans…just Robert Byrd did.

La Raza doesn’t hate White Humans…just Luis Gutierrez does.

This is propaganda and is found on FOX NEWS.  Fair and balanced.

Truly sad.

Of course CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of “mainstream media” don’t even bother with “fair or balance”.

This shooting in Orlando was blamed on the “gun” and I have NO doubt “climate change” will soon be the reason every shooting around the world occurs.

The stunning part of this is the response of the “gay community” and its continued support of the Democratic Party that has embraced Islam with both hands.

It’s only a matter of time before another “Lone Wolf” with parents tied to an Islamic country, whom hate America, Freedom, a woman’s body, and the sexual choices of others, kills more Americans.

How can I say this?

The FBI director has admitted as much.

So continue on Progressives replacing Liberty with Liberalism, Freedom with Fear, Compassion with Community Organizing.

By the way, while the world focused on Orlando, a reported 40 humans were shot (7 murdered) in Chicago over that same weekend.

Chicago citizens must be okay with this.

Rahm Emmanuel was just re-elected.

Jason Kraus




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