“Truth is a powerful thing”

jason kraus

Many years ago, in my days as a Sheriff’s Deputy, I was doing a jail check when an inmate decided to offer his unsolicited opinion about yours truly.  I stopped and laughed.  “You’re in here for selling drugs to kids.  I could care less what you think.”  He offered a response.  I didn’t bother responding to his retort.   I changed the subject.

“One of us is free.  One of us isn’t”.  I’ll be going home tonight where I can eat whatever I want and shower alone.”

To his credit the inmate laughed.  “You got me there bro.”

Not too long after that another inmate decided to verbally engage in a negative way.  I will admit this particular citizen was on my short list, for the immediate wrath, of the Big Fella Upstairs.  This guy was in for brutally mutilating and murdering a child.

He knew he did it.  I knew he did it.  Everyone knew he did it.

But we had to go through the farce of “justice”.  The same “justice” that didn’t protect the child by locking up this predator years before.  The same “justice” that believes everything is “even” once someone like this monster is found guilty.

There will never be justice for the murder or abuse of a child.

Nothing will bring them back…or make them whole.

The above mentioned inmate complained to my sergeant one day that I was showing him “disrespect”.  He whined I was speaking to him harshly (Untrue and irrelevant.  The man killed a child) and wanted my sergeant to order me to “give him a break.”

Before my sergeant could respond I broke in.  “You didn’t give that little kid a break.”

The room quieted as he looked at me.  The truth is a powerful thing.

My sergeant didn’t say a word, she just looked at him waiting for his response.  When he didn’t give one she ordered him escorted back to his cell…by other deputies.  After the group departed she looked at me.  “You say pretty much anything you want don’t you.”

“Only when it’s true.”

For those of you interested he was found guilty and as far as I know is sitting on California’s Death Row where we pay to keep him alive…while the memory of the child fades into oblivion.

I referenced these two stories to show a pattern and make a point.  There are those amongst us who are willing to say anything, factual or not, to make themselves feel better.  It returns to the basic need of belongingness which is only surpassed in importance by water, food, and shelter.  They use words like “bigot”, “racist”, “homophobic”, or “Islamaphobia”.

It doesn’t matter that none of these things are true.

It only matters, that for a brief second, their pain is moved from them to us.

Misery loves company.

But we aren’t miserable!  We are Americans!  We are free to live as we see fit.  We choose to better ourselves through this freedom given to us by America, and free will, given to us at birth.  We are a humble yet fiercely driven people, who haven’t the time or interest in couching our words, or political correctness.  More importantly, we know by allowing this type of parasitic behavior, our freedom is lessened and our opportunity to pursue happiness shrinks.

Now some of us out there aren’t as outspoken as others.  This is okay.  It’s why I write these columns.  It’s why I’ve been on the radio, soon to be on television, and actively spend ten to twelve hours a day, spreading the message of a different way.

I am driven to serve you.  Together (the Big Fella Upstairs willing and the American voter) we will serve America.

I continue to receive notes and messages proclaiming “I am with you!” “What do you need?”

Read Late Bird, share my columns on Facebook, enter your email address on the website.


Forward each column that speaks to you throughout your email list.  Right now dozens of you are.  God bless!  I thank you.  America thanks you.  We need hundreds, nay thousands.  We will get there.  One voice, one day, at a time.

Do not become overwhelmed.  Pace yourself.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  For those of you wanting to move at a breakneck speed, let’s GO!  I will be here every second and through volunteers, we are able to answer your questions and move the message forward.

For those of you who move a little slower.  Amen.  Move at whatever pace you are most productive to spread the message of American greatness.  The pursuit of happiness.  Freedom!

We have about ten months to set the table.  Throughout the next ten months I will be making many announcements to further the message.

I’ve also received a few well intentioned questions, primarily from new readers of my columns.

“Who should we support for the next President of the United States?”

In order to deal with our debt, border societal breakdown, and the general lack of enforcement at many levels of the Federal government, we must implement new systems and a leaders.

Leaders…not politicians.

I’ve explained these things in depth in Late Bird and why they are so important.

Abolish all taxes linked to job creation.  Income, Capital Gains, Corporate, Inheritance, etc.  When this happens everything in America, our currency, land, labor, etc., will soar in value.  It’s the only way the debt will ever be dealt with without default.  The creation of real monetary worth.  Not Federal Reserve debt and interest rate manipulation.  Anyone who tells you differently is wrong.  Debt and borrowing will never create wealth.  Never.

Close the border. If a society will not protect the weakest amongst us (children), it is a society in decline.  Slavery still exists.  It exists everyday through our border.  It’s just been renamed.  It’s now called Human Trafficking.

Our next President will lead by example by serving only one term, does not accept a salary, and receives no campaign contributions.

Look around if you must.  Search all the other Presidential “hopefuls” in each Party who beg for our money and then lie to us while crushing us with debt.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  We’ve practiced insanity through the last three Presidents and two political parties.

I am a registered member of the Independent Party.  The fastest growing Party in America.  I am only registered there though because we have to be registered somewhere to cast our vote.

My allegiance is to you.  To America.

The above mentioned attributes are only found in one place.

Right here.

You just have to believe…and then we have to go to work.

Nothing worth doing is easy.

Nothing easy is worth doing.

But I’ve made it as easy as I can to spread the word.  Sharing is caring and in America we do more than share.


Roar with me.

Jason Kraus

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