ISIS and the “Christian Crusades”

jason kraus

Barack Obama believes in a “fair” society. In purporting his belief he “balances” out ISIS (or ISIL…he always has to be different) with the “Christian Crusades”.

Wow and wow.

That’s quite a distance (centuries)  to travel in the justification of behavior. I’m not going to challenge whether his statement is even factual. It isn’t, but this man knows nothing about truth.

Let us stop “hoping” he will “change.”

The “audacity” of this piece of work is outright stunning. He did this at a prayer gathering meant to foster peace amongst humans from different parts of the world.

Blatantly and boldly he made claims and comparisons that rationalized the behavior of ISIS. On the record for the world to hear.

Can you imagine what this man says in private?

When he has his own “prayer” meetings with Valerie Jarret, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Jeh Johnson, and Loretta Lynch?

What a fascinating collection of people Barack Obama has surrounded himself with.

Susan Rice and Eric Holder have both lied on television many times with Eric Holder being held in contempt by the House of Representatives. This works for me as I have contempt for Holder and the House as well.

Loretta Lynch said on the record during her confirmation hearing that she will not enforce current federal laws connected to Immigration.

Jeh Johnson didn’t bother saying it. He just doesn’t do it.

And Valerie Jarret…well…I fear by the time this is over we will know more about her than we ever cared to. This always seems to happen during… a trial.  Somebody directed Lois Lerner.

Is this what Fox News means by “fair and balanced”? Everyone has a part? Wouldn’t “Dumb and Dumber”  or “Liar, Liar” be more appropriate?  Thanks Hollywood for the “talking points”.

NBC (Brian Williams) will apparently say anything to anyone at anytime about his “harrowing experiences”. Never fear Brian, MSNBC has many jobs coming available.

You will be able to say anything you want. Not only will you be safe amongst “friends” but no one tunes in anyway. They haven’t figured out you have to flip the coin over to create “fairness and balance”.

But look out America. Eventually they will figure it out and we will be hearing both sides of the fairness argument in no time. Or as Russians who fled when they had the chance call it, Propaganda.

It’s amazing when I do speak with Russian immigrants. They cannot believe how much Obama and Putin have in common.

“Ethically flexible”.

They cannot believe how similar the message is coming from networks and “journalists” in both countries.

“Unemployment is down, economy is doing great” as both countries send out historic amounts of government aid while being crushed by catastrophic debt.

Ah yes…nothing quite like the “fair” society eh comrades?


We stand and fight! We are the blood and belief that churns this great nation! We are the soldiers, the farmers, the entrepreneurs, the firemen and police! We are the teachers, mothers and fathers and protectors of the weak!

It is our duty to stand and deliver…and deliver we will.

The pen is mightier than the sword but in America we sharpen both and stand at the ready.

The Big Fella Upstairs will take care of the rest.


Jason Kraus

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
Restoring a nation one voice at a time.


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