Fake News Gets Even More Fake

Daveda Gruber

by: Daveda Gruber:

Has ‘Fake News’ gotten out of control? In a way, yes, totally off the deep end.

On Wednesday the Washington Post warned the public that actual fake copies of the paper are being distributed around Washington.

Ian Kullgren from Politico posted a picture of the fake copy:

Other fake headlines such as, “Celebrations break out worldwide as Trump era ends,” and “Pres. Pence begins ‘clipped duck’ term,” were out there for people to see.

The Post also stated that digital versions of the fake paper are out there circulating the public. The fake site contains a lot of stories about Trump’s imaginary departure from office. It also gives the reaction to it, which is fake as well.

What news can you really trust out there? I believe it has gotten out of control.

The phony paper is noticeably comparable to the bona fide version in terms of the way it looks. It’s difficult to tell the difference except if you know the real headlines from fake ones.

The Washington Post public relations department tweeted:

In reference to a woman who handed him the fake paper outside Union Station, Kullgren wrote, “She was literally claiming it was a special edition of the Post.”

The far-left group, MoveOn, has denied responsibility

A person with the name L.A. Kauffman also tweeted images from an unverified account.

MoveOn tweeted:

Trump often mocks ‘Fake News’ and the real Post. Recently Trump gave the Post a nickname and tweeted:

Will we ever be able to tell the difference between the fake Post and the real Post? I’m not sure. Most of the news comes from mainstream media which is full of ‘fake News’. This is why I write. I want to get some real news out there.

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