The American Dream isn’t home ownership

jason kraus

Driving to work today I fell in behind a vehicle that definitely needed some attention. On the back of this dilapidated jalopy was a wide variety of bumper stickers. “COEXIST” was one of the messages the driver of the car was attempting to share. Well, to be accurate the “C” was almost gone and the “O” was covered in what appeared to be dried exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Silly people. Don’t they know the combustible engine they are using for their own selfish needs is killing their sticker! Okay…yes, yes, I know. What you really want to know is did this vehicle have an Obama 2012 label on it? Why yes it did! How ever did you make that connection?

The idea of co-existing is an interesting one…and in interesting I mean absurd. It goes completely against the genetic code of an American. Coursing through our veins is the right to pursue happiness! Not co-exist. Co-existing makes me think of Bill Clinton’s “everyone deserves the American Dream…everyone deserves a house.” Wow. The man who struggled with the definition of “is”, told an entire generation of children “oral sex isn’t sex”, and cheated on his wife wants to define the “American Dream”? Well if it’s based in narcissistic sexual dysfunction then Slick Willie is our man!

Fortunately it isn’t. The American Dream has never been about owning a home. People around the world own homes. Are they living the American Dream? Of course they aren’t. They are co-existing. The American Dream has never changed and will never change. The American Dream, the reason for us being, the one thing we must have, is FREEDOM.

Now why am I banging on the man who smoked pot but didn’t inhale? Why am I taking shots at the man who bragged he could have taken out bin Laden? Why am I pointing out this is the man who created the housing boom and bust? Because that’s what Co-existing looks like. A few people at the top dictating to the rest of us.

Co-existing is “fairness”, “wealth re-distribution”, and “means testing”. “Means testing”? This is the phrase used by politicians to explain what is going to happen when Social Security begins sending out more than it takes in. That phrase was delivered by none other than Mitt Romney during the re-election of a nightmare. Yes I know I’ve used that line before but it just fits so well:)

Yes Mitt Romney himself, is all for means testing. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. George W. Bush believed in Co-existing as well. In fact he believed in it so much he sent out “stimulus checks” to anyone under the “co-existing” line. Yeah! Borrowing more money to spread the misery of co-existing around. Thanks W!

Bush also allowed the Clinton housing debacle to continue. To be “fair” he did quietly warn that we may have a problem and “tried” to get Congress to stop such behavior. But he had bigger fish to fry. The guy that Clinton bragged about taking out, but didn’t, just killed thousands of Americans.

Bush gathered all the Intel, learned how to pronounce Osama bin Laden, and then proclaimed to the world it was time to kill…Saddam Hussein. Maybe the vowels and consonants were too much for him. Or maybe he couldn’t read a map. bin Laden was a Saudi who’d set up shop in Afghanistan. I guess that could be construed as an Iraqi named Hussein. He did get one thing right. They were both Sunni.

But I doubt if that figured into the equation as Bush probably just figured all Muslims were the same. That they “co-exist”. Who knew Sunnis and Shiites had been killing each other since their existence? Maybe that crazy war between Iraq and Iran might have provided a clue? Nah…don’t pay attention to history…or facts. Mission Accomplished!

Because Bush and his crew either didn’t understand human behavior or simply didn’t care, the Clinton housing fiasco blew up on his watch. So if you are keeping score at home.

Boomer Presidents 2. America 0.

Oh but if that wasn’t enough. The White Guilt and Liberal self loathing was just starting to bloom. Eight years of Clinton’s debauchery, lies, and drugs opened the door for eight more years of Bush’s wars, debt, and frankly the worst public speaker the world has ever seen. George, the word is Nuclear. Not “Nucueler”.

What’s crazy is I say these things as someone who voted for Bush twice! I know I know. The only way I can talk myself off the ledge for these decisions is to remind myself of the other options:

Al (I scared enough people into thinking I’m brilliant about Global Warming…I mean Climate Change…I mean I don’t know…let me sell my network to al jazeera then complain when they don’t pay me) Gore.


John ( I will say anything at anytime to anyone as long as people keep asking me questions knowing full well I don’t have any answers to anything except Global Warming…I meant Climate Change…I meant why won’t Al jazeera pay Al Gore) Kerry.

Talk about the definition of “co-existing”.

But finally the dawning of a new day. A new man. An American who was raised by two loving American parents in everyday U.S.A…err

Okay. An American who was raised by one loving American parent in everyday U.S.A…well…

Okay, okay. An American who was raised by…forget it. Can we get a woot woot for a guy raised by his grandparents in Hawaii surfing and snorting?

Awesome! He is bi-racial! Yeah! It’s time for America to heal her wounds! We’ve found a new leader! A man who will bring us together! Who will stop all the wars! Free health care for all! Open the borders! Fly them in from the Middle East! Free abortion on demand! Everyone is welcome! Tears of joy for everyone! Ding dong the wicked Bush is dead!

We have an Obama! A man who…what’s that? He wants to spread the money around? What does that mean? Come again? What’s an Obama phone? Whoa Whoa Whoa! What do you mean we will be at war every second of his presidency? Twenty trillion in debt when he leaves office? How many zeroes is that? What about all that free college? No? If I’m a college student I have to borrow even more money and pay a higher percentage than the low income housing people do? Why are they getting free housing? Where’s my free housing? Where’s my Obama phone?

No wait! Obama just said if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon! Yeah that should fix everything! What? Not guilty? Cops are pigs! Trayvon wasn’t killed by the cops? So what? Obama and that white guy in New York keep telling us America is a racist country. Yeah! Let’s march in the street and scream about killing cops! That should fix everything!

Wait a second…you said that health care was going to be free and I could keep my doctor! What’s this? Not only am I not getting a tax refund but I owe the Fed’s money? You said it was going to be free!

Where’s Bush? At least he sent out stimulus checks and told us to go spend the money. “Don’t save it” he said. “Spend it! We’ve got to get this economy moving! Jobs? Don’t worry. That’s what welfare is for. Just go spend that money. I need to prop this economy up until I leave this mess for the next guy. What’s his name? Barack Hussein Obama? Hussein. heh heh heh. That’s funny. Stupid Democrats”.

How am I going to pay for that Obamacare without a job? Don’t worry. Obama will keep changing the law until the next President repeals it. Huh? The Republicans just signed a trillion dollar spending bill that funds Obamacare and his idea of Amnesty?

What’s that? You don’t like this “co-existing” very much. Let’s just re-brand it! Isn’t there something else we can call it?

Yep. The French called it appeasement.

That didn’t work out very well for them did it?

No, it did not.

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