Late Bird: New Novel Calls on Nation to Unite, Quash Political Corruption and Restore America’s Greatness

jason kraus

Author, entrepreneur and leader, Jason Kraus, uses the narrative in ‘Late Bird’ to write a bold prescription for America’s return to freedom. Fusing a story of love and passion with a very real wake-up call about the state of the nation’s political and social unrest, Kraus calls all readers into action through a unique blend of education and entertainment. One critic describes Kraus as “an author who truly understands not only what makes America great, but what it will take to keep her the great nation she is.”

El Dorado Hills, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 10/22/2014 — Many authors release books to provide readers with nothing but a quick thrill. However, author, entrepreneur and leader Jason Kraus has a very different mandate; to restore America’s greatness and let freedom once again ring. His statement has hit the shelves as a masterfully-crafted book that melds an uplifting story of patriotism with a call-to-action for all Americans who want to reclaim their nation from corrupt politicians and their self-serving special interests.

‘Late Bird’ is the story of the author, his readers and the 300,000,000 citizens who can band together and let their voices roar through the corridors of Capitol Hill. It’s a bold mission from a man who has a passion for helping at the very core of his being.

Source: Piece of Cake PR
Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 3:44 PM CDT

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