America is the dream

jason kraus

We don’t “hope” for things. We never have. We earn. We pray. We say thank you. ‘Hope” used to have a positive connotation. It tells us much about the man who turned it into a punchline…or a four letter word.

Yet the American spirit is alive and well! Through crushing debt, societal guilt, and corruption those of us still left on the field are laser focused on love of country, sharing, and freedom. The worst in our society has mistaken kindness for weakness for far too long. We are weathered and strong like the Redwood. As iron sharpens iron our backs are strengthened from carrying the weakest amongst us. Our eyes are ablaze and piercing as we will not allow the madness to continue. Our willingness to breathe one last breath is surpassed only by our hunger to live free.

Around the world there is one word. Just one that screams through the night striking fear into the worst of human kind.

The same word brings joy to the knowing and peace to the willing.

That word is the dream…and we are the dreamers born with the responsibility that the dream continues on brighter with each generation. It is an honor to carry this torch and we do so with a ferocity only found in one place, one land, one country, one nation.

One word. We pledge our allegiance.

To her.


God shed his grace on thee.

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