The Law. It Only Matters When Enforced.

jason kraus

In 1986 Ronald Reagan made a “deal” with Democrats and amnestied millions of humans in the United States illegally, most of them from Mexico. The “deal” was the border would be permanently secured while “giving” Democrats more voter support. Some may argue that is a bit simplistic. The truth is […]

Crazy never takes a day off

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When I sit down to write I have a theme or an idea in mind.  This week the world seemed to have jumped from one event to another faster than normal. Maybe it’s just the sporadic and emotionally unbalanced way the Liberal Press decided to cover (selectively) current events. With […]

Let that gift be you

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Growing up in the seventies and eighties one of the more common sayings was “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.” Not only was this a wonderful lesson in self-control it also helped to keep the disease known as gossip under wraps. That was then, […]

America isn’t a village

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There appears to be three types of voters in these United States. Our first types are the ones that voted for Obama (the second time), those that voted for Hillary (at any time), and those still willing to vote for a Bush, a Kasich, a McCain, or any Democratic Candidate. […]

Happy Birthday to the Red White and Blue

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Born in Southern California every 4th of July celebration I can remember was pretty much the same.  Playing in the neighborhood all day while stopping to eat a wide variety of foods usually only available on holidays.  I’m sure some type of large firework show took place but I don’t […]

Article 4 Section 4

jason kraus

I was recently having a conversation with an incredibly bright individual about western civilization (specifically Socratic Theory which was introduced through Plato’s Republic) and different types of government. A question was then asked of me which I answered. When I finished, a comment was made that my next column should […]

Rope Is Recyclable

jason kraus

It can be a truly bizarre thing to watch human behavior.  Millions of souls making decisions that go against their very survival. How do we change the “hearts and minds” of those who haven’t any heart and absolutely no mind? It is the curse of the “good” to have to […]