Social Security, Obamacare, and 18 trillion in debt…something’s gotta give.

jason kraus

Recently on a television “news” show a proclamation from a self-described “Boomer” gave me a chuckle.

“Kids these days don’t have any drive or desire.  They just sit around waiting for things to happen.”

This was a reference to the Millennials.

I am constantly moving around in today’s society.  I see the Millennials working all the time.  Most of them aren’t making too much money but they seem to be plugging away never mind the student loan debt bestowed upon them by an irresponsible government to allow overpriced universities and professors to pontificate about meaningless subjects that teach nothing about the reality of today’s world.

This has been going on for decades.

I remember my last day of college.  I walked off the campus, smiled, paused on some steps and looked out over the landscape.  I thought to myself. I am an educated man…and trained to do nothing.

Even in my youth I knew “college” wasn’t preparing me for anything.

It’s why the theory “college graduates have lower rates of unemployment” is ridiculous.

It is based on a false premise.

The premise leads us to believe a person must go to “college”, and fork over tens of thousands of dollars, to become more employable.

Nothing like crushing debt in your teenage years to pave the way to financial freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

This is patently false and being used against American parents and students.

To be clear I am specifically talking about the “Universities”.

Not community colleges or trade schools, although they have been hit by the artificial inflation of the government’s heavy hand as well.

The reason people with college degrees are more employable has everything to do with their written, verbal, and spatial skills being superior to their competition.  This is the reason they are able to ATTEND college in the first place.  All schools have minimum requirements that must be achieved prior to enrollment.

Combine these skills with an eagerness to persevere (wanting to go to college) and the willingness to achieve stated goals (being accepted), garners these types of humans as very employable and well above their peers BEFORE they attend any university.

My point is the kids going to college are going to be more successful than their peers (they already are), and easier to employ, whether they go or not.

An English Lit class, a few dorm parties, and a senior project on the reason people who receive their Ph.D’s suddenly are all named “Doctor” isn’t going to catapult the college student into a six figure job.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time in college and I graduated from a fine institution.  I actually had a great English Lit class and a wonderful professor for my senior project which had nothing to do with the aforementioned “Doctor” label.  I also learned “hair of the dog” isn’t true.  At least not in my case.

Although college was fun (most of it) it didn’t change my options.

It was the skills I gathered before college that lead me to success in life.

In fact it was the jobs I had in my youth and during college that real knowledge was gathered.  Did I learn things in my pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Of course I did.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a beautiful thing. But I, as do we all, inherently know about water, food, and shelter and even though I couldn’t explain belongingness before a particular class, I still understood the search to fulfill my self.

In any right, explaining belongingness never got me hired or promoted.  In one case I was told my explanation of motivating people was “too California”.  I was still promoted in spite of my “education”.

Still, some of the Millennials can be a bit aloof or even cold, and the face piercings and neck tattoos are a bit much for me…but what do you expect?

For the last twenty five years they’ve been watching the world’s worst generation of politicians screw everything up.  They don’t know whether they are coming or going.

They are constantly bombarded with the issues of the 60’s that only exist in the minds of their grandparents.

They keep hearing about racism but they don’t really buy it.  Their generation dates amongst itself regardless of skin color and moves freely throughout their environment.

It isn’t the color of their skin that binds or separates them.

It’s their individual desires and the pursuit of their own happiness that causes their success or failure.

Frankly, most of them just roll their eyes at the noise coming from their “elders” or the media, keep their heads down, work hard, save a little, and “wait for the world to change”.

I don’t blame them one bit.  They didn’t create this mess…but they are being forced to clean it up.

Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare are just three things this generation is going to suffer through because of the choices made by grand mammy and grand pappy.

If that wasn’t enough those same grandparents have created very real issues like obesity, crushing debt, sexual dysfunction, and rampant “recreational” drug usage.

You cannot feed a generation Cheerios and chocolate milk for breakfast, trade mommy’s and daddy’s every other minute through screaming, debt ridden divorces and then call marijuana “medicinal” without serious repercussions to a society.

Welcome to the serious repercussions.

Now I want to be clear.  There are millions in the Boomer Generation who are wonderful hard working, responsible citizens.  Thank you!  If you didn’t exist every city in America would mirror Detroit, Stockton, or Sodom and Gomorrah.

But the youngest members of the Boomer Generation have been here at least 50 years. Why are some of you requiring young people in their 20’s to fund your healthcare (Obamacare)?

As a voting block, Americans over 50 that don’t have any savings or a house paid off…better pay attention.

The debt is too large (18 trillion), to pay back the interest, let alone the principle, continue to fund underfunded Social Security, Medicare, AND Obamacare.

Irresponsible Boomers will have a very real choice made for them when the United States Federal Government cannot raise the debt ceiling anymore and interest rates finally escape the oppressive tactics of Janet Yellin.

If you think the Federal Government is going to fund any of the above before they pay the debt you are sadly mistaken.

What is happening right now is the forcing of future economic growth into current times.  This has been happening for years.

The only option other than drastic cuts, bankruptcies, and foreclosures is to grow the economy.

But it is now increasingly clear the Boomer politicians are not only not going to fix anything but are continuing to dig our hole even deeper.  You will soon be hearing about a debt ceiling increase taking us to 20 trillion or more in the next few months.  Obama will threaten to not pay the military or send out Social Security checks, as he has threatened in the past.  The Republicans will howl as though they actually have a backbone while they pack more pork into their own bellies.  What’s really absurd is, more than likely, a backroom deal has already been cut.

It’s like listening to Janet Yellin.

There is no way she will ever substantially raise interest rates.  Even a small rate hike is unlikely.  If a miracle were to occur and she did, it would only be for a short period of time before she would remove it and probably return to QE forever.  The Boomer politicians know…they are too far in.  There is no return from this amount of debt regardless of what their meaningless CBO projections say.  Garbage stats in garbage stats out.

But I digress.

We do have a way to fix this but our light is dimming every second these liars stay in power.

The way to fix this is to free the Millennials to work, earn, and save in a safe and free nation.

The only way this happens is the removal of all taxes related to income and the closure of our borders.

The choice is yours 50 and over who still support Bush or re-elected Obama. As you are pondering this though, let me provide some clarity and information.  In bankruptcy Stockton has already cut promised medical benefits to some retirees.  Detroit went even further.  They turned off the water to citizens houses who wouldn’t or couldn’t pay.

You see, it won’t be the Millennials who suffer in the next decade.  They’re already broke, besides they’re young.  They still have their health.  They will find new ways to survive and thrive.

Either free them to clean up the mess…or continue on your current path of voting for debt, war, and lawlessness that’s happening in both parties.

We have serious problems.  We need serious leaders.  Not Republican or Democratic lies and abuse.

We need Americans to stand up.


Right now


Jason Kraus


“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus

Restoring a nation one voice at a time.



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