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eyes open. Thanyou, whit. New trouble for Tesla this morning. Actress Mary Mccormack posting this videof her husband’s car on fire in wt Hollywood, saying it went up in flames O of the bl. Thideo raising more questions about the safety of those cars and Matt guan is live at a Tesla store in L.A. Hachlt for us. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, David. It looks likere’s a flame thrower beneath that Tesla. Its driver, Michael Morris, the hand of Mary mccormick,e was un-hurd. The L.A. County sheriff’s department say the battery is the likely culprit, another possibly ding to Tesla’s reputation. This morning Tesla is investating another incident one of its cars catchin fire. Ma mccormackweeting ts vio of flames shooting O of her husband’s model S, writing, this is what happened toy husband’s car today, no accident, out of the blue, in traffic, writing thankod my three little girls WER not I the car at the time. She says her husband was barely moving in traffic when a couple in another car flagged him down and told him to pull over. Luckily no one was hurt. Firefighters qui putting out the blaze. The L.A. County sheriff’s department sayinghe cause is likely a battery or mechanical E. This fire the latest in a string of incidents for Tesla. The coy already facing at least ur federal investigations including one for this incident in whichhe battery from this vehicle reignited a week after being Towe to an impound lot. There’s a lot of ion in one place so wn it does catch on fire, the bigger concern immediately is are first responders adeately trained to address what to do with these batters. Reporter: That’s a good question a in response to this latest incident, Tesla says this is an extradinarily unusual occurrence and we are investigating the incident to find out happened. All of this comes after assembly line problems for tea’s model 3 and of course after Elon Musk nounced that he has to lay off 9% of Tesla’s rkforce. David. Matt Gutman with us ts morning, thanks as always.

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