What’s Your Sign

jason kraus

Recently I ran across a sign posted in the yard of a house in a nearby town.

The sign had a few things listed and interestingly enough color coated.

One statement printed in white on a dark background was Black Lives Matter.

It was pretty clear this was caucasian privilege and/or a dog whistle as they stated their message in white and used black as a background or prop, practicing again the liberal bigoted agenda telling blacks they are too stupid, too lazy, and too abused to ever be successful.

Wow Jason, that is quite a stretch don’t you think?

Absolutely, just like Dr. Seuss is a racist, Clarence Thomas is an Uncle, and Donald Trump is a Russian agent but let not the facts get in the way of “breaking news.”

Another placard on their bloat of many colors read “Science is real.”

These statements and more coming from the group who dons a mask in their cars by themselves while idling for thirty minutes in line at Starbucks and then screams about “net zero emissions”.

The same group who packs their already gluttonous bodies with more processed foods, wheezes while blowing carbon dioxide with every step, but then refrains from using a straw and pats themselves on the back because they’ve done their part.

The struggle is “real” and will someone please get these grazers a stimulus check!

Traitors Joe has two buck chuck on sale and nothing goes better with a heart stopping inhale of legal pot than a nice two dollar bottle of wine and a Covid vaccine!

Congratulations liberals!

To add to your prilosec, diarrhea, and meat sweats, which are caused by your carbohydrate caloric choices and have nothing to do with meat, we can now add fever, chills, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, nausea, swollen lymph nodes, rash, Bell’s palsy and in limited cases death due to your taking the RONA spark!

Just another Friday night for those who hang out with the Democratic Royalty Klan of the Clintons and Cuomos, although after a night with these perverts the shot needed might be more penicillin appropriate.

Yes indeed science is real!

Before Hiden Biden had his feed shutdown, by presumably his staff, as they are exhausted from trying to explain what their idiot boss continues to bleat, the Catholic Groper gave us more “sciencey stuff” with the mask muttering moron attempting to bloviate about Neanderthals.

I wish just once liberals would read some of these books before burning, banning, or culture canceling them.

Get ready progressives. . .here comes some anthropology.

Without getting into the weeds on this issue, we as an “educated” society currently teach the concept of species.

Our species has been labeled as homo sapiens with our current understanding of today’s human falling under the category or subspecies as homo sapiens sapiens.

According to science, homo sapiens, neanderthals, and a recently discovered group labeled denisovans, make up who we are today.

I’m sure there are others yet to be “discovered” by today’s human who believes nothing happens until it happens to them.

Again without getting into the tall grass a good portion of today’s humans carry neanderthal DNA.

Furthermore neanderthals reportedly had larger brains which allowed for certain evolutionary processes to occur.

The short of it is the “scientists” believe that those with neanderthal DNA evolve much more quickly to struggles in their environment and overcome problems through critical thinking unlike the smaller brain homo sapiens who spent a lot of time fornicating, raping and killing each other and other species.

Look at that.

We can use science to explain the difference between Americans and liberals.

Critically thinking freedom loving entrepreneurs or #metoo sharia supporting pedophiles.

Texas, where guns are available for personal protection or Chicago where guns are used to murder children every day of the week.

As the saying goes,

God made all men.

Samuel Colt made all men equal.

God also made all women.

Samuel Colt’s science gave all women a fighting chance.

Embrace it with both hands.

Jason Kraus



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