Vaccinate the Politicians and Bring Back the Flu

jason kraus

The “last” housing bubble to occur, before this next one bursts, was lead by two putrid politicians.

Waitress groping Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman/Protector of a prostitution ring Barney Frank.

The pair are intellectually and morally lacking, which at this time should be a given of comprehension, as both are Democrats.

These two pied pipers were paid by multiple lobbyists from a plethora of financial institutions to force banks to make loans to humans with black skin, specifically because of their color, knowing full well these loans would never be paid.

This is referred to as bigotry, which isn’t illegal, but taking money and picking winners and losers based on the proximity to the sun of one’s ancestors is discrimination, which is illegal but never enforced upon anyone sitting in Congress.

Most have forgotten 2008, as is witnessed by the repeat of bubbles everywhere, and criminally suppressed interest rates, but the one thing we currently have to remind us, is again, the decisions of Congress.

After the “bubble” popped the braintrusts in the beltway commissioned a study to understand, verify, prosecute, and make sure it didn’t happen again.

Upon completion the new Bill signed into Law was referred to as, believe it or not, Dodd/Frank.

This incredible stupidity was recently one upped by the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

I’m quite sure Bill Clinton’s Oral Sex Isn’t Sex in Memory of Jeffrey Epstein Protectors of All Women Act will arrive soon.

Let us digress.

Yes, the “experts” who guided the demise of neighborhoods, jobs, bank accounts, and lives in general in these United States were given credit for “fixing” the problem.

In reality the only thing they did was line their pockets coming and going from a situation they helped to create, and as we know, history has again repeated, as housing is currently at unsustainable levels because the Federal Reserve, who “missed” the housing “crisis” completely, has done nothing but exacerbate the problem.

Anyone buying a house now who cannot put down at least twenty percent will, when the music stops, undoubtedly lose that home and millions will eventually realize, there was never a chair to begin with.

Of course this isn’t new. This process has occurred at least three times, just in my lifetime, and the fourth is almost upon us.

This time however the Federal Government is leveraged to the max with nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.

It is clear the politicians have ruined neighborhoods, promoted and profited from drug use, and have taken the Reserve Currency status of the Dollar, that most middle class and poor are unknowingly counting on just to survive, to the brink.

We are there.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Pandora opened the box.

Schrodinger’s cat didn’t make it.

They lie, cheat, steal, and foment fear through fiction known as “viruses kill” and the only way to survive is to wear one mask, two masks, and never leave your home again.

They create “vaccinations” with zero efficacy that was shoved to the front of the line faster than men’s little blue pills.

More time was taken to measure the side effects of causing an erection than the “science” injected into tens of millions of humans.

Just trust your elected leaders they say.

Only an idiot would.

Just trust your doctors they say.

The same doctors that overprescribed antibiotics and opioids for the last two decades?

Get real.

Just trust the process.

If the process is Oppression labeled as Communism then we are right on track.

Too many aren’t questioning the motives of those who’ve done nothing but hurt others.

One simple example is found in California where the Golden State “elected” an alcoholic drug addict who was/is heavily in bed with not only his best friend’s wife but the Chinese Communist Party.

This “man” knows absolutely nothing about science, not to mention the difference between a virus, disease, or a man made biological contagion, yet Californians are willing to inhale their own CO2 and other bacterias found in urine and fecal matter because Gavin said so.

Californians are taking the lead from a man who, more than likely would be considered too impaired to drive a car legally, every second of the day.

One private school in Florida said enough was enough and told their teachers/employees that anyone getting the vaccine would be fired. They went even further and informed their clients that any student getting the vaccine would no longer be allowed on campus.

Although the reporting on this story was incomplete, apparently someone who had been vaccinated was in proximity to multiple females, and their cycles were somehow disrupted.

Now, I haven’t been able to verify everything being said about this story but as a scientific theory known as the McClintock Effect it is plausible that women in close proximity can have their cycles “sync”. Most of the data on this is subjective and due to a lack of interest by the medical community this “theory” was disregarded because they couldn’t duplicate it among large groups of women.

Of course just because some pseudo-scientists/doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t find the proof doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Remember cigarettes, margarine, Ritalin, and now beef less meat are all good for you.

Regardless, more actual time went into studying the syncing of cycles than the efficacy and survivability of the Covid vaccines.

How is that even possible?

Let me tell you.

Most humans eat horribly and/or engage in alcohol/drug consumption.

When their bodies begin to send warning signals they search for the fastest way to cover the symptom (pills) rather than dealing with the root cause.

When the pain becomes too great they find a “physician” who prescribes them “pills” to cover the symptom and again ignore the cause.

Sound familiar?

We are doing this in virtually every system in today’s America.

Too many people living beyond their means?

Loan them money that will never be repaid.

Too much crime?

Change the laws and empty the prisons and jails.

Too many people on Social Security and Medicare?

Convince them they are going to die, exacerbate their breathing issues, brought on through obesity, by forcing masks on them, and then treat the symptom known as Fear by jabbing a needle in their arm filled with who knows what.

It’s time to vaccinate the politicians and bring back the flu.

Jason Kraus

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