Two Simple Rules

jason kraus

Two simple rules.

Number One:  Those that make anything “complicated” do not understand the subject.

Number Two:  Human behavior isn’t complicated.

Today’s voter has proven one simple truth.

They want more of what they are getting.

Any further rationalization or justification on behalf of such behavior is foolish.

As I have stated MANY times this is generational and will only cease to exist when either:

(A) Enough Boomers are no longer on the planet to continue to vote for debt, drugs, and dysfunction.

(B) Massive catastrophic events that very few American Citizens have ever seen, let alone think even possible, take place.

This isn’t a gloom and doom,  death and destruction piece.

I don’t write fear.

I provide the truth and the truth is very easy to see for those willing to look.

An overwhelming majority of the population doesn’t bother to vote or even educate themselves on simple things like interest rates, debt, or how their own bodies work.

When asked “what the most important thing for a human to survive would be” the answer for many will come back “my iPhone”.

Doctors prescribe statins and anti-depressants like candy, and even give out antibiotics, knowing it not only won’t help, but will hurt the patient by killing off positive bacteria needed to survive and thrive.

Where’s Hippocrates when you need him?

Sadly many will read the last line and ask “who needs a hippopotamus?”

An education used to entail actual knowledge about topics meant to enrich, engage, and enliven the human condition, spirit, and mind.

Today’s propaganda based on worthless test scores, the devaluing of  a child’s natural curiosity, and the protection of criminal activity through public unions is creating drone like graduates that think neither critically nor cathartically.

The teachings of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates have been replaced by guilt, incompetence, and Common Core.

Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” has been discarded for “Community Organizing”.

An “educator” once bragged to me that a child she oversaw was excited about using Google because everything could be found there.

Never mind porn, predators, and a predilection to actual facts are also on Google, I was stunned at the inanity of the “educator” to not realize, that to the “student”, Google was replacing the “teacher”.

I shouldn’t say stunned.

Disgusted would be more appropriate.

Of course these are the bright minds “joining together” to call for $15.00 an hour to do tasks any ten year old can perform.

A living wage so they say.

I can only imagine what the “educators” will hold out for when dish washers and gas station attendants are making $30,000 a year.

Then again it won’t really matter.

There will be lots of unemployed teachers with Graduate Degrees opining about having to work outside their majors while asking “would you like fries with that?” while the dish washers and gas station attendants are eating lobster with their EBT cards.

This would seem to be a parody piece except everything I just covered has actually been happening for years if not decades.

Unfortunately too many are too sedated through scripts, self, or edibles to even realize the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

The horn’s a blowing, debt’s a growing, and the tune in, turn on, drop out gene pool is five cans short of a six pack.

Of course Obama said Mary Jane is just like beer and wine…so I guess they’ll all be just fine.

Jason Kraus

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