jason kraus

If you trust the government then you can keep your insurance, your doctor AND you’ll save money.

If you trust the government then I suggest you stay out of Benghazi.

If you trust the government then you better get out of Guam before that place tips over.

If you still trust the government then the Cherokee Nation owes Elizabeth Warren a yuuuuuuge apology.

If you trust the government then you need to give up your guns, stop eating meat, flying, driving, or working in general.

If you still trust the government James Comey is your boy, Barack Obama is your yoga instructor due to flexibility and please send your teenage daughters to the summer camp of Clinton, Newsom, and Weinstein.

Where rape isn’t rape, oral sex isn’t sex, and is can mean so many things.

Your feelings and fear do not change actual facts.

On the other hand your behavior will change YOUR reality.

Individual American ruggedness or governmental oppressive flaccidity.

Look it up Libs.

You have nothing but time.

At least that’s what the government is telling you.

Jason Kraus

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