The Trump Chronicle

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by Daveda Gruber

Do you enjoy politics? What about poetry? I love both and found the perfect set of books to read with both combined, to stimulate my adventurous mind.

When the books were first delivered, I peeked inside and was amazed at finding all the bits of information that I’ve seen unfold in politics but in poetic form.

Have you archived history? Well, Irvin R. Brookstein is doing it for us. His books are named The Trump Chronicle and each is a year in politics in poetic format.

The history of America is being chronicled by Brookstein, yes, in poetic form that is a delight to read. I have, in my possession, copies of the book that records from 11/8/17 to 12/9/17 and the one that archives from 11/11/17 to 11/7/18.

Life moves so quickly that there are times when I lose tract of the significant political events that happen day to day, week to week and month to month.

Brookstein is an author who enjoys politics. In fact, he enjoys being so aware of the political views that he delves into storms of the mind and in actual life.

His poetry is a look at his way of seeing things. He takes you on an adventure that he has, himself, witnessed.

From the election that took place in 2016 to foreign lands that have their own politics to deal with to events such as the North Korean Summit.

You’ll read about the American Flag and MAGA hats and get insight as to what they represent.

He doesn’t leave out anything of any importance as his books play out the scenario and logs everything that has happened in the United States and elsewhere, but in poetic form.

You’ll hear about the shootings that have left innocent people dead and other saddening events and also who got invited to the White House and who didn’t take the invitation as an honor.

You will find out what is “Blowing in the Wind” with the FBI and the DOJ in an entertaining way.

Each poem has a title, of course, and I’m sure that you will find them as eye-catching as I did. They tend to draw you into each piece as you turn the pages.

I feel that the books are a part of American and yes, even world history. I’ll cherish my copies and hold them dear to my heart as they are something that I will go back to read over and over again in my lifetime. They will hold a place of respect in my house.

Brookstein is a very talented writer and will keep you entertained. You’ll want to read more and hopefully another book will be published soon because I’d want to read it. You’ll find out by reading this book that Brookstein’s muse is addictive. No one can get enough of it.

The books are available on Amazon and are available in a kindle format of in hard copy.

You can find this man, who seems pen about everyday politics to world events, on Twitter under the name RayRay @RayPoetry.

Believe me, he is worth the follow. You won’t be sorry when you find out what he has to say.

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