White House talking points straight out of Tehran.

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If we live enough years and have enough experiences we are bound to hear just about everything.  Right, wrong, fact, or fiction, eventually “everything” comes into play.  A few days ago a Democratic Senator chimed in with an amazing statement.

“The White House talking points on Iran are straight out of Tehran”.

Well, well, well.  The Democratic Senator from New Jersey actually had an epiphany.  Thanks for joining the party Bob.  For those who are unaware Barack Obama has been trying to “negotiate” with Iran for quite a while.  As with every “negotiation” we’ve seen so far with Obama it appears we receive nothing, while the other side laughs and says, “please send John Kerry back.  What’s that? He’s busy with climate change?  Okay…how about James Taylor?”

It also appears we traded 5 enemy combatants (terrorists) of the United States for a guy who is about to be put on trial for desertion. (I know liberals, “Faux News Facts”.  Your usage of French is impressive.

As this story unfolds it also appears that everyone involved in this decision making was well aware this man had deserted his post and were also aware members of our military were killed searching for him after his desertion.  Another Obama legacy. Boy, this Hope and Change stuff never ends.

Now some people (rightly so) might be asking “I didn’t think we negotiated with terrorists or terrorist organizations?

It is the official policy of the United States Government to not negotiate with terrorists.  It’s also the “official policy” of the United States to enforce our borders, but that hasn’t been done in well…decades so I guess none of this matters.  Laws, rules, and regulations were made to…be broken?  Not followed?  Ignored?

Well the ignorance of the Obama thought process is plain to see.

Or is it?

Just recently we were told by Obama’s minions that the Taliban aren’t terrorists.  Really?  Well that’s good to know.  If they aren’t terrorists then why are we still there?

What’s that Obama supporter?  Didn’t I hear the President tell the world the war in Afghanistan was over?  I did hear him say this but I’m sure our brave soldiers, still in harms way, don’t agree.

What’s that?  Obama wouldn’t lie on national TV?

Of course he wouldn’t.  But wait didn’t he say  dozens of time that because of him the war in Iraq is over?  It is?  No kidding? Have you heard of ISIS?

Yeah but that war isn’t happening in Iraq…Obama said that was over.

Fair enough.  Where is it happening?

It’s happening in… “You be talking too much s*%$ Jason Kraus.”  (Direct quote from my facebook page)

Yes, I guess I be.  The truth is funny that way.  The truth “be” talking too much.

But I want to follow up on Obama’s train of thought.  (I know.  That was kind of funny).  It appears that neither Iran nor the Taliban are terrorists or terrorist organizations…to him.  Interesting…hmm…let’s see where this is going.

We’ve been told by Nancy Pelosi that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.  Maxine Waters gave a speech on how Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution.  ISIS calls itself the Islamic State.  Many Imams will tell you there is no parsing of their belief system, that there aren’t any radicals or moderates.  They are all Muslim.

In our attempt to understand Obama and the parties listed above we may be trying to force a square peg into a round hole, which is silly and irresponsible because it will never work.

Maybe it’s time to take Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, ISIS, the Imams, and the billion followers of Mohamed at their word.  Maybe it’s time to simply stop appeasing a belief system that treats women and children as property and call it was it is.



But never forget the truly daunting issue facing America right now.

$18,000,000,000,000.00 and growing.

Debt appeases no one.


Jason Kraus



“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus

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