WATCH: Dodgers defeat Astros to tie up World Series

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Transcript for Dodgers defeat Astros to tie up World Series

I’m sure. More sports to talk about. A big night last night. The dodgers and the Astros now tied up. Marcus Moore has more. Reporter: Dan and Cecilia, good morning to you. Everyone watching the the game last night was on pins and needles. The Astros were hoping they would be on the way to sealing the the deal. As this morning 579s paper reads, it ended up being a heartbreaker IFS Houston fans. Struck him out. Reporter: Last night’s world series bout started and ended on the pitcher’s mound. There it is. Vuk him out. Reporter: Both starters bringing the heat in game that went without a run until the sixth inning. Forsythe has tied this game. Reporter: Massive home run by joc Pedersen in the ninth put the cherry on top. A three-run shot makes it 6-1 L.A. In the ninth. Reporter: Mixed reactions from fans as yuli guriel took to the plate after this offensive gestu gesture. The league decided to let him play out the series. Choosing instead to pus spend him without pay for five games next season. Please welcome 7-year-old Haley Dawson. Reporter: Clutching a baseball with a 3-d printed prosthetic hand. Throwing out the first pitch. You hold it like that? She’s missing three fingers on her right hand. It’s not stopping her from bringing the heat. How fast is your pitch? 1 mile per hour. . Reporter: One mile per hour. Haley can now add one more park to the growing list as she two pitch at every single MLB park in the country. One of those now includes the world series. So, what a moment for her. Dan and Cecilia. What a cutie. She’s awesome. And she pitches faster than I do. Marcus, thank you. What do you think of the game?

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