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The El Dorado Hills author started writing "Late Bird" days after the 2012 presidential election. By telling an entertaining story, Kraus outlines what Americans need to do to get the country back on track. Courtesy photo

The El Dorado Hills author started writing “Late Bird” days after the 2012 presidential election. By telling an entertaining story, Kraus outlines what Americans need to do to get the country back on track. Courtesy photo

“Late Bird” by Jason Kraus
532 pages
3L Publishing

“We all have things that turn us into who we are,” El Dorado Hills author and entrepreneur Jason Kraus said about the premise behind his new novel “Late Bird.” By chronicling protagonist Falcon Sane’s life, Kraus is really explaining his own strong convictions about freedom, truth, personal responsibility and above all love of country.

“Everything you read in 400 out of 500 pages actually happened to me,” Kraus said. Yet because the book is set up with Falcon Sane running for president of the United States in 2016, “I couldn’t call it autobiographical and also because I couldn’t get into the head of all the characters from my past.”

In the style of Ayn Rand, Kraus’ main character stands as a metaphor for what the author believes America needs to thrive. At a young age, Kraus didn’t like the idea of societal labels; for instance, in school when he and his classmates were separated by “early” and “late birds.” He also shares how standing up to a much older schoolyard bully was a pivotal point during his formative years. To this day Kraus believes in standing up to bullies in all forms, including people and programs he believes erode various freedoms. As a nation, “We can’t stop turning our heads,” Kraus said. “I’ve never turned my head in my life.”

While at first Falcon Sane resorts to his fists, a turning point comes once a revered history teacher tells Sane his mind is his greatest weapon.

There is love, adventure and plenty of lessons for Sane. At times he becomes disillusioned, but never bitter. His love for America and his belief in its potential are too strong. Still, he believes America stands at a critical crossroad and that years of inept leadership and citizens losing countless freedoms are why our nation has weakened.

“Late Bird” clearly outlines how to get America back on track and it starts in the home.

“For any child, the most important thing is to have two loving parents,” Kraus said of the supportive parents he credits for much of his success and the neglect he sees occurring to many of America’s kids. “The second most important thing is being born in the United States of America.

“We have to change a few systems to free the American people,” Kraus continued. “First we have to change our tax code.”

He said he’d like to see a consumption tax, but no federal income or corporate taxes.

“I believe in giving and sharing,” Sane says in the book. “I also believe in right and wrong.”

Kraus’ inspiration to write “Late Bird” came after the 2012 presidential election. “I wasn’t a Bush fan, though I voted for him twice because he was better than the alternatives,” he said. He does respect Romney, however, summing him up as “a job creator,” and Kraus said he was disheartened by his defeat to president Obama.

“Jobs are so important to our culture,” Kraus added. “Don’t tax hard work.”

Through many of Sane’s ordeals we see Kraus’ equal concern about American culture and the moral decay that’s chipped it away. “President Clinton changed an entire generation,” he offers as one example. “When the President of the United States said oral sex is OK he corroded away at our ethics.”

A true independent and one who defies labels, Kraus doesn’t consider himself a Democrat or a Republican, but an American. When Falcon Sane runs for president as an Independent, and is likened to Ross Perot, people take note when he says he would never run for two terms. Anything more than one term isn’t about service, but about ego.

Party lines ignored, it’s a lifetime of experiences and a strong moral compass that prepare Falcon Sane to be the kind of leader America hasn’t seen for decades. The question is: Will Jason Kraus himself follow Falcon Sane’s lead and one day run for higher office?

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