Sanders Spins Young Voter Turnout in Iowa

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Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed there was a “huge voter turnout” among young caucusgoers in Iowa this year, saying the turnout was “even higher than Obama’s extraordinary victory in 2008.” In fact, about 10,300 fewer young voters turned out this year than in 2008. Sanders, who finished in a virtual dead […]

Fake Coronavirus Cures, Part 1: MMS is Industrial Bleach

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Quick Take Online posts have claimed to reveal various “cures” for the new coronavirus. Some are benign, like eating boiled garlic, while others are potentially dangerous, like drinking chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleach. Neither will cure the virus. Full Story Treatments billed as miracle cures have cropped up across the […]

FactChecking the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

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Summary Four days before the New Hampshire primary, seven Democratic presidential candidates debated. We found factual distortions on several issues: Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sen. Bernie Sanders “voted to give the gun manufacturers … a loophole that does not allow them to be sued for the crimes they […]

Explaining Coronavirus Misinformation

FAN Moderator writers Jessica McDonald and Angelo Fichera were interviewed by a South Korean radio program about their work combating misinformation related to the new coronavirus. Since China reported a mysterious cluster of pneumonia cases to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31, false and misleading information has sprung up online […]

Biden Miscasts Hot Mic Moment About Trump

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Joe Biden falsely claimed that a hot mic at a NATO reception caught “leaders of the free world” privately saying “they didn’t think [President Donald Trump] knew anything, they didn’t trust him, et cetera.” Biden has turned Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mild ribbing about Trump holding long, unscheduled press […]

Trump Repeats Falsehoods in Celebrating Acquittal

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A day after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, President Donald Trump made celebratory remarks in the White House on Feb. 6, thanking many Republican politicians and repeating several false and misleading claims, many of which we’ve checked before. The president twisted the facts on the Russia investigation, former […]

Report Prompts False Claims of ‘Voter Fraud’ in Iowa

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Quick Take A report by a conservative legal organization about voter registration rates in eight Iowa counties has been cited to promote baseless suggestions of voter fraud. Full Story  Amid the Iowa caucuses, the founder of a conservative group and Iowa’s secretary of state, a Republican, went head-to-head on Twitter […]