WATCH: Raccoon scales more than 20-stories of office building

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Back now with that rescue — raccoon rescue. Rescue? That rascally raccoon. The raccoon rescue taking social media by storm. Take a look at this little guy in St. Paul, Minnesota. 23 stories up. The race to save it has been trending. It is trending right now. Diane Macedo is here and, Diane, this little guy is captivating people across the country. Including me who watched this unfold overnight, talk about suspense. This actually started on Monday when the raccoon was on a nearby building. Workers tried to rescue it, instead the raccoon made its way to this massive skyscraper and took us all on a journey. A Minnesota raccoon is an internet sensation after captivating the world with a daredevil stunt. The animal set its sights on the UBS tower, one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and started to climb. One floor at a time pausing for naps and breaks and acueing an international audience along the way. The staff of Minnesota public radio watched intently from their headquarters. Right up on this building up here, you’ll see those two stories of lit windows. He’s actually on a windowsill two flights move that right on the corner of this building. Reporter: # Nprraccoon started trending and someone launched an account in its name tweeting updates on the journey and this message, I made a big mistake. It’s really frightening to watch him move up and down this building. People gasp and worry as he goes from floor to floor. Reporter: After many attempts to lure it to safety the raccoon made it to the roof. And the world let out a sigh of relief. Wait. It’s good it made it to the roof. Because people were worried it was going to fall. It was climbing up and down so at least it made it to the roof. The mystery continues and they set live traps and put food on the roof but we have heard heard if it’s got caught. I think it’s got a parachute waiting to make a grand entrance. The daring raccoon. Missing now. I was watching the overnight talking about this. D.B. Cooper, the raccoon. That’s it. Always good to have you,

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