You Are An American and You Are Not Alone

jason kraus

Suicide, rape and murder are all increasing.

Too many have looked the other way as child abuse and molestation soar.


Too many have chosen fear over freedom and have allowed the one thing needed most by humans to survive to be controlled.


Too many have willfully put on the mask and ignored facts to wallow in fiction.

What’s next for you pathetic souls?

The hijab?

The white hood?

A train ride and hot showers?

Those who want the protection of my American Brethren better be worth defending and currently many of you are NOT!

Make the call President Trump or we will make it and then the dynamic will change from US having your back to you having OURS.

Evil still exists.

It’s only strengthened its grip.

It goes by the name Democrat.

We are NOT a Democracy!

We are a Constitutional Republic that requires Individual Independence.

Remember who you are.

Remember where you’re from.

YOU are an American and YOU are not alone.

There’s millions of us out here with perfect vision and a strong index finger.

Put down the mask and protect the flag.

Jason Kraus

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