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the map to give you an idea how each side can get to 270 and why Joe Biden is increasingly confident. That first clear path for Joe Biden. The easiest way to explain, Joe Biden needs two right now. President trump needs four so let’s skip Arizona and Nevada. There’s one more path. If he is able to flip Pennsylvania, he gets to 273. Same scenario. His way to the white house. For trump it’s a much higher wall. He has to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and look at that. 265. He’s still not there. He has to come out west and win Arizona. We’ll give Alaska to him as well, that’s how he win, 279. The blue 0 box in the middle of red Nebraska. Explain. There are scenarios where it could be 269 for president trump and 269 for Biden. Let’s go to Nebraska and show you why that’s so important. So there’s a district here, I’ll blow this up. This is the Omaha region, right? So this is North Carolina — excuse me, Nebraska too. It’s tiny, it’s one electoral vote. But if it ever gets tied to 269 these are the most important Americans on the planet because their Vo is that one electoral vote. That’s already gone to Joe Biden. Also’s look at the key state, Arizona and Pennsylvania and give people a sense of where they are right now. What’s left to be counted in Georgia as well. Let’s talk about Pennsylvania. Right now there are about 763,000 votes outstanding statewide but president trump’s lead in that state is only 164,000. The mail-in vote, the early vote has been trending for Joe Biden. That’s why Democrats and really Americans all across the country want those votes counted. In Georgia it’s gotten tighter and tighter overnight. There’s about 91,000 voting outstanding statewide but president trump’s lead in Georgia is just 18,000, George. Meantime, Arizona got better for president trump overnight. Things are looking better for president trump right now. There’s about 275,000 votes outstanding in maricopa county. About 100,000 to 200,000 more around the rest of the state and got narrow and narrow, 68,000 is the spread. Joe Biden’s lead is 68,000. But you can see there are hundreds of thousands of votes still outstanding. That’s why president trump thinks he still has a path in Georgia. If he wins Arizona it’s going to be a long week. Thanks very much. Okay, George.

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