WATCH: 2 men film their narrow escape from raging California wildfire

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  • Now Playing: Drone footage shows wildfire devastation

  • Now Playing: Wildfire victim loses home to ‘Mother Nature at her worst’

  • Now Playing: Flames burn near road as couple flees California wildfire

  • Now Playing: Deadliest wildfire crisis in California’s history

  • Now Playing: Urgent manhunt for two inmates after a jail break in Missouri

  • Now Playing: Former quarterback Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners

  • Now Playing: Only 15 percent of Puerto Rico has power a month after Hurricane Maria made landfall

  • Now Playing: Warning for millions of Americans using online dating apps

  • Now Playing: Break in Georgia murder case from 1983

  • Now Playing: Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan school choir rehearsal goes viral

  • Now Playing: 2 men film their narrow escape from raging California wildfire

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  • Now Playing: Sen. Susan Collins: Corker-Trump Twitter feud not ‘very productive’

  • Now Playing: House Democratic Leader Pelosi says Pres. Trump went ‘rogue’ this week

  • Now Playing: Kris Jenner’s TV home is for sale for $7.8M

  • Now Playing: Twitter changes coming to curb abuse

  • Now Playing: Victim of the Las Vegas shooting wakes up from coma

  • Now Playing: Harvey Weinstein expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

  • Now Playing: Family dog reunites with family, alive and cheerful from wildfire

  • Now Playing: Steve Bannon rallies Trump base at Values Voter Summit

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