Julian Assange’s Twitter account reappears after mysterious absence

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Last Updated Dec 25, 2017 10:49 AM EST

The official Twitter account of controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — @JulianAssange — is back online after disappearing from the social media platform overnight. It’s unclear whether the account was suspended by Twitter or deactivated by Assange.

Representatives at Twitter did not immediately respond to CBS News’ request for comment.

Assange’s account posted the following image of Santa Claus on Monday morning without explaining the brief absence.

While the account was offline, anyone who tried to reach Assange’s page received an error message from Twitter.


Twitter uses seeking Julian Assange’s official account early on December 25, 2017 saw this message


The official WikiLeaks Twitter account was still live but wasn’t mentioning the Assange account.

Another account claiming to be Assange’s alternate handle said Twitter deleted the official account ahead of a blockbuster story he’s preparing to break. There was no confirmation that Assange authored the alternative account and it was later suspended by Twitter.

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