Billy Prempeh: A New Generation of Leadership

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by Daveda Gruber:

I run into many Congressional candidates in my adventure though social media and some have a more lasting impression on me than others.

William “Billy” Prempeh is one who’s name people will know and remember.

Prempeh is running for the 9th Congressional District of the beautiful state of New Jersey. He has been residing in Paterson, New Jersey, for his entire life.

He is the son of legal immigrants from Ghana, West Africa who came to the United States in the late eighties. The immigrated here for a better life than the one they were living. They worked hard to attain what they had and their son, Billy, was born in 1989.

Prempeh is set on making his parents proud. He’s a first generation American and he wants to help the country that his mother and father risked so much to immigrate to. He feels that not doing his civil duty would dishonor his parents.

When Prempeh turned eighteen, while his friends were enjoying their college years, he decided to enlist in the United States Air Force.

He took an oath before God to defend his country, the United States Constitution and the citizens of this great nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Prempeh was stationed at RAF Mildenhall England, UK where he specialized as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Journeyman (2A6X2).

This tall and gentle man loves his country and is determined to Make America Greater than it is today. In his younger years, at the age of eighteen, Prempeh Identified with Republican and Conservative values. He’s been a proud member of the Republican party since then.

Prempeh enjoys meeting his many fans on social media. He currently is the Front Runner for the Republican party in the 9th district of New Jersey.

This man has won the nomination of Hudson County, Passaic County, and Bergen County while having the support of the “Republican National Hispanic Assembly.”

Prempeh may only be thirty years old but he has the energy and strong beliefs that are needed to be a leader. He also has a strong connection to younger Americans.

He is a very strong supporter of President Trump.

Some of his policies:

Pro Life

Immigration Reform



Pro 2nd Amendment


School Choice

Term Limits

The Republican party needs some new fresh blood and new ideas to regain a solid bond with younger Americans. We must reignite the spark in our younger generation. We can set the path in the right direction by voting Prempeh in office.

The Democratic party has already began to show that new young leaders can make a difference but is that the difference that we as Conservative Americans want? No, I don’t believe so.

The Republican party must embrace our younger leaders and vote in good men like Prempeh because that is our future. We must not give away our Conservative beliefs and it is our obligation, as Conservative Americans, to set forth a path for our young leaders.

With pleasure, I am giving my endorsement to Billy Prempeh for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District.

Here is a video of Prempeh speaking on term limits and legislation:

Here is a video where Prempeh is on Patriots in Tune with Toots Sweet and Jewels Jones:

Vote Prempeh!

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