American homeowners worry most about these three things

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Rising mortgage rates are eroding the fortunes of a growing number of homeowners, but it’s not the only challenge they are facing in the current housing market, a recent report said.

Negative equity was a top concern for 56% of Americans, according to the 2023 Insuring the American Homeowner report by Insurify. Overall, 24% of homeowners said that rising mortgage rates and dropping home values meant they now owed more on their mortgage than the current home value.

The highest share (31%) of underwater mortgages were from Americans that purchased a home one to three years ago and 27% of the upside-down loans were from those who bought their homes less than a year ago. 

Additionally, nearly 45% of respondents said climate change had already affected the values of their homes, and 76% felt that it would be a problem in the future. 

These homeownership challenges are also behind the growing cost of home insurance premiums. Home insurance rates are projected to increase another 9%, following a 7% increase from the previous year, according to Insurify.

“The cost of individual policies is rising,” Insurify’s Vice President of Insurance Sales Shawn Powers said in a statement. “Homeowners may notice an increase of hundreds of dollars from one year to the next.

“This may induce homeowners to shop around with multiple companies for a policy,” Powers continued. “While this is a great way to find a better price, homeowners may find their current carrier is not alone in raising rates.”

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Climate change risk is one of the main reasons highlighted in the report as to why insurance premiums are rising.

The impact depends on a homeowner’s specific risk profile, measured by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) risk index score, which is scaled from zero to 100. Homeowners may be paying an extra $24 in annual home insurance premiums for every point increase, according to Insurify.

“Mortgage lenders are only just beginning to ingest climate risk data,” Sam Eckhouse, Principal of ClimateCheck, told Insurify. “SEC-proposed climate risk disclosures and anticipated climate risk assessment guidelines from ASTM [the American Society for Testing and Materials] are helping drive adoption. 

“Ultimately, that data will influence lending and thereby home prices — but we’re not seeing the impact just yet,” Eckhouse continued.

Inflation and rising home prices are also impacting the cost of home insurance, according to a recent Policygenius survey. Inflation has driven the costs of building up, affecting the cost of home repairs after a disaster. Home prices have also made significant gains in the last year, so the cost of replacing them has also increased.

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Despite the increasing impact that climate change may have on homeowner insurance costs, 89% of homeowners said they were confident their home insurance policy would meet their needs, according to the report.

Almost 98% said they were at least moderately confident that their insurer would resolve their claim satisfactorily. More than half (65%) said that they had filed a claim in the past.

Overall, 39% of Americans said their home insurance was “extremely important” to them.

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