The End

jason kraus

by Jason Kraus:

The “media” likes to report that impeachment rallies and meetings are happening around America.  Doubtful at best and at worst it is a gathering of tiny groups of people who’ve either been paid to stand around and act like imbeciles or actual imbeciles who struggle without a good sunscreen.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  You Liberals (traitors) have no idea what you are about to unleash.


If you do somehow manage to get Pandora’s Box opened the anger that will flow from coast to coast will be uncontrollable and aimed primarily at you.

If the Good People of this country decide to ignore the Rule of Law, just like you have, your time spent wearing vaginas on your head and supporting bigotry and treason will quickly come to an end.

What’s that?  You want to know who will protect you?

What about you Jason?

Don’t you always say work hard, save your money, and be beneficial to others are your three rules?  Don’t you live this way?

That the message of Jesus is to love God and love one another?

You are correct.  I do believe in working hard, saving my money, and being beneficial to others and yes I do live this way.

You are also correct that Jesus did teach the message of loving God and loving one another.

That’s why you traitors are in trouble if you uncork this bottle.

I and Americans like me will be AT THE FRONT.

Leading the charge to deal with parasites like you permanently.

You have no idea what you are doing.

La Raza, CAIR, Black Lives Matter?

You’re a bunch of clowns and offshoots with the same IQ scores as the Klan.

You won’t even be a footnote.  A speck of cosmic dust too small to wipe off the bottom of our shoes.

Sounds like a threat Jason?

Of course it does to a coward.

I am an adult.  I don’t make threats.  I make statements.

That uncomfortable feeling around your proverbial necks is real.

It won’t be granny getting thrown off the cliff.

It’ll be you.

Let me try this with verbiage some of you may understand.

You better check yourself before your wreck yourself.


Okay.  I’ll try again.  Pajamas and onesies aren’t bulletproof but I’m sure they hold a nice tight knot.

Not quite?

Do you really think Madonna, Maxine, and Brad are going to save you?

I doubt Brad can handle Maxine and Madonna should be due for a new liver any day now.

I cannot believe you are saying this Jason.  Mr. Spread the Love, Mr. God Bless America, Mr. Rule of Law!

That’s the smartest thing you’ve said in years and yes you do have me pegged.

I do believe in spreading the love.

Of course my definition of love is doing for others without expectation not throwing up a video on YouTube of your latest hits version of sexual self-congratulation/degradation.

You are correct. God has blessed these United States.  Sadly you’ve done nothing to take advantage of these blessings and have returned yourselves to Soddom and Gommorah.

Look it up.

We know you know how to use the Net as you keep showing us with your never-ending photos of YOU.

Finally you mentioned the Rule of Law.

Rules and Laws only matter when the overwhelming majority of those living under these rules and laws are willing to follow them.

As there are tens of millions of humans here breaking our laws with their very existence, and with your permission and approval, it is very clear you don’t care about rules, laws, society in general, or America.

You’ve created a society that has weakened you and your brethren by requiring and accepting all of your primary survival needs to be GIVEN TO YOU.

Eventually in all walks of life here on Earth survival of the fittest occurs.

It’s called evolution or in your case…The End.

Jason Kraus



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