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We’re back with the top dogs competing at the Westminster kennel club dog show. Thousands going head-to-head trying to win best in show. Oh, Diane is here with our guide. You going to help guide us through? I’ll walk you through. Tonight seven dog compete for best in show. We know who four of those dogs will be. I want to introduce you to Lucy, the borzoi so she’s helping to become the first borzoi to win the whole thing, slick the border collie took the herding group for the third straight year. His handler says slick likes to bite his owner’s feet and lick his ears. Luckily he did not do that during the competition. If you like fluff, you will love Flynn, the bijon. The last time a bijon one was 2001. This is the biggie, the pug. He was a huge crowd favorite at the competition yesterday. Biggie’s father died unexpectedly last year so it was an emotional moment for him to win the group because he was competing in his father’s place. It was a very big moment for biggie. He was very emotional over there. Still got three more dogs to come for the finals. We do. So the sporting, the working and the terrier group still have to pick and with those three winners tonight for the big win. I have to root for biggie. I have to root for biggie but Thai, the giant schnauzer seems to be the heavy favorite to win. I know too much about it. You don’t even have a dog. You have a bunny. I should enter him in a show maybe. All right. Bull you’ll be back tomorrow. Be sure to tune in. Tomorrow the best in show live right here. Remember last year it was rumor. Rumor has it. We always got the music for

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