Will We Get a Wall or a Shutdown?

Daveda Gruber

by Daveda Gruber:

Thursday the House of Representatives made a remarkable move. They went to work and approved a bill that would fund most of the federal government through early February. It will provides $5.7 billion for President Trump’s border wall.

To understand what Republicans were up against, eight (8) Republicans joined all one hundred and seventy-seven (177) voting Democrats to oppose the measure. It passed 217-185.

The bill now goes to the Senate. It will probably fall short of the sixty (60) votes needed for passage since the chamber’s forty-nine (49) Democrats are against funding the wall.

The chances increase for a partial government shutdown later this week. Parts of the federal government, including nine (9) of fifteen (15) Cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies, will cease operations at midnight Friday.

The vote came hours after Trump told House GOP leaders that he would not enact a Senate-passed package that does not provide money for the barrier.

As you can see, Trump is now calling the wall a barrier.

In a statement, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, whose leaders had pushed the hardest for Trump to stand his ground on the wall issue, said: “Republicans in Congress have continually told the American people that we would fight for wall funding, and today the House of Representatives took its first step toward fulfilling that promise. The Senate must follow our lead. It’s time we do what we said and work with President Trump and the American people to secure our borders.”

Trump took to Twitter to make his point and tweeted up a storm:

It looks like Trump wants the wall.

Trump says funding bill must include border security.

Trump said at a White House event, “I am asking Congress to defend the border of our nation. Walls work, whether we like it or not.”

Trump added, “I look forward to signing a bill that fulfills our fundamental duty to the American people … we’ll see what we can do.”

Now we wait for the Senate.

My belief is that if Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe we can get sixty (60) votes. The next option would be to go nuclear. Can we get fifty-one (51)?

We could be facing a government shutdown if we don’t go nuclear. Also, keep in mind, we do need fifty-one (51) votes.

The way I see it is that if McConnell sees we will not get the votes, then let it go to the new Senate in the new year. We can survive a government shutdown over the holidays, can’t we?

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