WATCH: Veterans Day: fast facts

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  • Now Playing: Homeland Security bulletin warns of weaponized drones and threat to aviation

  • Now Playing: West Point Glee Club cadets stage flash mob performance at Chicago’s O’Hare

  • Now Playing: Army vet loses 125 pounds with DDP Yoga

  • Now Playing: Truck hits fire hydrant, sending water high into the air

  • Now Playing: Transgender airman inspired by veteran grandfather

  • Now Playing: The history of Veterans Day

  • Now Playing: Veterans Day by the numbers

  • Now Playing: Nannies suing diplomat were ‘lured to the US,’ endured ‘grueling’ conditions, complaint says

  • Now Playing: Horse rescued after falling in ditch

  • Now Playing: Tennessee authorities capture escaped inmate

  • Now Playing: Time lapse captures Northern Lights over Michigan

  • Now Playing: ‘Most armed man in America’ on mass shootings

  • Now Playing: Man’s emotional account of chasing Texas church shooter

  • Now Playing: Martha Raddatz talks Trump’s effect on foreign relations, tensions with North Korea

  • Now Playing: Man holds woman at gunpoint at Florida drive-up ATM

  • Now Playing: Driverless shuttle crashes hours after debut

  • Now Playing: Toddler with dairy allergy dies after allegedly given grilled cheese at pre-K

  • Now Playing: A sampling of voicemails Tim Arnold left for Christa Worthington

  • Now Playing: NY kayak murder case: Attorney reads statement from woman sentenced

  • Now Playing: Emergency crews try to rescue surfer who wasn’t drowning

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