WATCH: Tropical Storm Philippe approaches southern Florida

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Philippe approaches southern Florida

A rough day for the east coast. Take a look at the map. Storms from north to south. Yeah, tropical storm Philippe hitting Florida. The power of the storm. A tree crashing down on cars. Team coverage. Rob is here tracking it all. And Victor Oquendo sis on the ground in Miami. Four reports of tornadoes across south Florida. The center just south of Miami. It’s lopsided. Much of the action now is out to sea. But, this is part of a bigger system that will create a mess across the northeast. Trough is digging down across the southeast. It will pick up part if not all of Philippe. We’re starting to feel the tropical air mass. This cold front, this low will combine to Philippe. It will be tropical heavy rain. Big-time winds. Getting into the overnight tonight. Damaging winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. Be prepared for blackouts. With more on the impacts of Philippe. We go live to Miami beach and Victor Oquendo. Reporter: Good morning, rob. Miami beach drenched overnight. We’re along the water. We can still feel the rains and the winds. The storm raced through the area. Pounding south Florida with rain and a number of tornado as well. Four reported throughout the area from southwest miami-dade up to palm beach county. We start in west palm beach. This cam are rolling on a twister forming in the distance. Wind gusts of 75 miles per hour recorded along I-95. Rainfall totals exseegd six inches in some spots. And in Boynton beach, homes damaged, Depree. No major injuries reported. The brunt of the storm is gone. This morning, people will be cleaning up and drying out. We’ll keep an eye on this. New developments overnight in Washington. Sources confirming to ABC news that special counsel Robert

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