WATCH: The surprising history of Valentine’s Day

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  • Now Playing: Valentine’s Day by the numbers

  • Now Playing: Red roses make 2,500 mile journey for Valentine’s Day

  • Now Playing: Crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day

  • Now Playing: Attorneys for the alleged Parkland school shooter plead to avoid the death penalty

  • Now Playing: Survivors of the Parkland school shooting speak out

  • Now Playing: A winter storm moves fast across the Northeast

  • Now Playing: Dancers competing near Parkland, Florida, honor shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg

  • Now Playing: Teens who survived the school shooting speak at gun-control rally

  • Now Playing: FBI admits to mishandling tip about shooting suspect

  • Now Playing: A closer look at the victims and survivors in the Parkland school shooting

  • Now Playing: Woman pleads guilty to lesser charge in her fiance’s kayak death: Part 5

  • Now Playing: How woman convicted in fiance’s kayak death looks to rebuild her life: Part 6

  • Now Playing: Florida school shooting: ‘The View’ reacts to the tragedy

  • Now Playing: Experts weigh in on prosecutors’ murder theory in man’s kayak death: Part 4

  • Now Playing: Woman is charged in her fiance’s kayak death: Part 3

  • Now Playing: Detectives believe they found motive for woman to kill her fiance: Part 2

  • Now Playing: Woman walks out of jail over 2 years after fiance’s kayak death: Part 1

  • Now Playing: School massacre survivor: Every teacher should know ‘that they’re a hero’

  • Now Playing: Florida sheriff honors 17 victims of deadly school shooting

  • Now Playing: Winter storm warnings issued from the Rockies to the Northeast

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