WATCH: Parents caught on camera brawling at youth softball game

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E back now with that brawl at a girls’ softball tournament in Tennessee. Parents behaving badly at a 12 and under game. The wild fight was on camera. T.J. Holmes is here with this story. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: There’s nothing people in general more passionate about sports and kids. When you watch this video, 11-year-old and 12-year-old girls trying to stop grown men from fighting. Keep this in mind the parents didn’t get in trouble but the kids are about to be punished. It started as an argument over a call. It exploded into mayhem. Parents and coaches from two rival girls’ softball teams caught on camera, throwing punches, trying to knock each other senseless as youngsters plea F I don’t know what they hope to accomplish by acting like that. It shows poor sportsmanship. I thought it was very inappropriate. Reporter: This isn’t the first time that youth sports has brought out the worst in adults. When these two coaches in Florida got heated with each other, punches soon followed. And this parent at a wrestling match gets right on to the mat and shoves a child. And this morning, the organizers of that softball tournament are telling both teams, one strike and you’re out. Both teams, now, out of the tournament. None of the parents get in trouble here because there were no arrests made. This is a sanctioned U.S. Softball events. Both of those teams from north Carolina are out of this event and future events. As my 13-year-old daughter said yesterday, what is wrong with pe Keep them out of the game, let the kids play. Coming up, Janet Jackson revealing her private struggle

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