There’s a Clorox shortage: The best disinfecting wipe alternatives you can still get

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There’s a reason you may be having trouble finding your favorite Clorox products on store shelves. An August cyberattack on the company has caused a Clorox product shortage, and as a result, the brand has said, it must “operate at a lower rate of processing.” The brand is best known for its bleach, disinfectant wipes and cleaning sprays, but the company also owns Burt’s Bees, Pine SOL and Fresh Step. 

Clorox wipes are a popular cleaning staple in kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms and cars. If you haven’t been able to locate Clorox wipes at your favorite retailer, we’ve found some top-rated alternatives you can use instead. These customer-approved disinfecting wipes can bust 99.9% of germs, easily clean non-porous surfaces and come in a variety of fresh scents. If nothing but Clorox will do, we’ve even found a few retailers with wipes still in stock.

Lysol via Amazon

Lysol dual-action disinfecting wipes can remove up to 99.9% of contagions and bacteria, including eight common cold and flu contagions. These double-sided wipes feature one side with a scrubbing texture to clean tough messes, and one with a softer side for every day touch ups.

Each canister in this four-pack includes 75 wipes.

“The webbing in these is great for scrubbing the stove and other areas around the house,” a reviewer says. “They are hard to find in the local stores. So glad they are on Amazon.”

Amazon Basics

This three-pack of wipes can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. It can clean surfaces such as countertops, door knobs, light switches and remotes. A multi-pack can help you keep canisters in places you need them most, such as the kitchen, bathroom, office, car or classroom.

This three-pack comes with two wipe scents. 

“These are my new go to for disinfecting wipes,” an Amazon customer says. “I used to get Target’s brand but they are just too wet for me. After I’d use one it would be a big wet mess. 

“These have the perfect amount of cleaner. Not too wet but not too dry either. They smell great and are super handy to have around the house.”

Mr. Clean via Amazon

According to the brand, Mr. Clean disinfectant wipes are effective against staph, salmonella, E. coli and more. This three-pack can be used on washable hard, nonporous surfaces such as appliances, counters, sinks, stovetops, toilet seats, doorknobs and bathroom sinks.

You can get these wipes for a slight discount at Amazon now. They’re on sale for $14 (regularly $15).

“These are slightly thicker/fluffier than the Clorox wipes, but both brands hold up equally well with scrubbing,” an Amazon customer says. “I think the only noticeable difference (besides the price) is the scent– I much prefer the Mr. Clean ones. These smell like a slightly unripe orange, or maybe lemon and orange.

“Either way, it’s not overpowering and has a pleasant citrusy smell.”

Everywhere you can still buy Clorox disinfecting wipes

Although there is a Clorox shortage, you can still find Clorox wipes at some retailers. We’ve included three places you can still buy Clorox wipes right now. 

Amazon: Clorox disinfecting wipes (70% off)

Clorox via Amazon

Amazon still has Clorox wipes available. The retailer is offering a 35-count canister of disinfecting wipes for just $3 right now (regularly $10). These wipes can help eliminate 99.9% of household germs. These wipes have a fresh scent some customers love. 

“Love these wipes, I keep one in my office and one in my room,” an Amazon customer says. “They are so convenient to have and do a great job at disinfecting and cleansing any area. The scent smells good which is a plus, not the typical Clorox bleach smell.”

Sam’s Club: Clorox disinfecting wipes five-pack

Clorox via Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is offering a five-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes for just $19. The pack comes with two wipe scents. Clorox wipes are safe for finished wood, sealed granite, stainless steel and on non-food-contact surfaces.

“My sister has cats,” a Sam’s Club customer says. “So they are always everywhere. So I got her some Clorox wipes to clean with. Countertops, dining table, chairs. Bathroom. Just wherever. The individual containers are very handy for each room.”

Now through Sept. 30, new Sam’s Club members can join the bulk retailer for just $25, and gain access to exclusive deals on everything they need for fall, plus discounts on gas, exclusive Sam’s Club food and events. Note that you’ll need to sign up for auto-renewal to get this deal.

Walmart: Clorox disinfecting wipes four-pack

Clorox via Walmart

Walmart is still offering a four-pack of the disinfecting wipes in two scents. Like all Clorox wipes, these all-purpose disposables can remove common allergens, germs and messes on surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and more. Plus, they can help prevent the growth of bacteria for up to 24 hours.

This multi-pack is just $17 at Walmart right now.

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