Best webcams in 2023: How to look your absolute best during video calls and virtual meetings

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While basic cameras are built into most computers and mobile devices these days, if you want to look your absolute best during video calls and virtual meetings (or when live streaming on social media), you’ll want to connect a webcam. Among other features, these separate cameras tend to offer higher resolution and the ability to better position the camera at an optimal angle. 

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How to buy a webcam

As you shop for the ideal webcam, focus on resolution and overall design based on where and how you plan to mount it. A webcam that offers 1080p or 4K resolution will serve you well, but you should avoid a webcam with a resolution of 720p or lower (unless you’re on a tight budget).

The webcam’s field of view determines how wide of an area the camera can capture. Other important factors are the camera’s maximum frame rate, autofocus capabilities, low-light performance, audio capabilities and ways it can be mounted. Regardless of your budget, there powerful stand-alone webcams available.

Our pick for the best 4K webcam of 2023 is the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Webcam 4K, but if you’re looking for a premium 4K webcam, we recommend the new Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K.

The best webcams in 2023

Ideally, you want a webcam that can lineup directly with your face from a height and angle standpoint. This way, when you’re participating in a video call, virtual meeting or live stream, it will appear as if you’re looking directly into the camera. To achieve this, some people mount their webcam on an adjustable tabletop tripod, or use a specialized mount that attaches to their computer’s monitor. Keep in mind, if you tend to move around a lot, there are webcams that will follow your movements and automatically keep you in the center of the frame.

Let’s take a look at eight of the best webcams currently available to Windows and Mac users.

Best 4K webcam: Obsbot Tiny 2 Webcam 4K


Resolution: Up to 4K | Framerate: 30fps | Field of View: 85.5 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): 2x noise reduction mics | Mounting option(s): Tabletop adjustable mount that swivels | Connection: USB Type-C | Special Features: 4x optical zoom, automatic tracking, voice control, gesture control, multiple specialty modes (Magical Beauty, Whiteboard, Desk View and Upside Down), HDR, 4:3 aspect ratio, blurred background option

The Obsbot Tiny 2 Webcam 4K might not have the same name brand recognition as other webcams featured in this roundup, but it does offer one of the most versatile collections of features. One of the best features is the integrated AI tracking and rotating base, which will automatically keep you centered in the frame even if you’re moving around. In fact, the camera has four tracking modes, including upper-body, close-up, hand tracking and zone tracking.

This webcam utilizes a 1/1.5 inch CMOS sensor which allows it to generate a clear and detailed picture, even in low light. While the camera has software-based controls, it also responds to voice commands and gesture controls. And if you don’t feel like you’re looking your absolute best, switch on the built in beauty mode. When you want to be the center of attention, you can blur the background. When you switch to privacy mode during a call or meeting, the camera will display a pre-selected photo or video clip.

During video calls or virtual meetings when you’re the presenter, it’s easy to switch from the regular mode that focuses on your face, to the desktop mode, whiteboard mode or group mode. It’s the group mode that makes this webcam particularly useful in a business conference room setting. No matter what’s in front of the camera, thanks to HDR support, all colors will be bright and vivid, particularly when the webcam is used in well lit locations.


  • Choose between several specialty modes for a desk view, whiteboard or for mounting the webcam upside down.
  • Control the webcam using voice commands or hand gestures.
  • The webcam offers adjustable 4x optical zoom.
  • Automatic tracking keeps the subject centered and in focus, even when they’re moving around.
  • The webcam works at up to 4K (30fps) or 1080p (60dps) resolution and boasts a 4x faster focusing speed than its competitors. 


  • There is a digital privacy mode, but no integrated privacy shutter.
  • No Windows Hello support.

Best 1080p webcam: Logitech C920s


Resolution: 1080p | Framerate: 30fps | Field of View: 78 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): Dual microphones for stereo sound | Mounting option(s): Comes with a universal mounting clip | Connection: USB Type-A | Special Features: Auto light correction, works with Logi Tune webcam software

For most people who participate in video calls or virtual meetings, a 1080p resolution webcam offers good enough video quality to ensure you’re seen clearly. You don’t necessarily need to pay a premium for a 4K resolution model. The Logitech C920s Pro HD webcam offers a nice collection of features that’s supported by a very fair and affordable price under $100.

The C920s offers a relatively compact design, with an adjustable clip mount that’s built into the camera housing. There’s also a ¼-inch tripod mount built in. This webcam measures 1.7 x 3.7 x 2.8 inches, weighs just 5.7 ounces and comes with a five-foot USB Type-A cable. If you have a more modern computer that only supports USB Type-C, you’ll need an optional adapter. But, once the webcam is connected to your computer, you’ll enjoy the convenience of the autofocus lens and dual omnidirectional (stereo) microphones.

As you’d expect from a Logitech webcam, the C920s is compatible with all popular calling and streaming platforms, as well as Windows and MacOS computers. The webcam comes with a privacy shutter, but it attaches to the webcam and is not integrated directly into it. Between the 78 degree (horizontal) FOV, 4x digital zoom feature and the dual microphones, you can rely on this webcam to make sure you’re seen and heard clearly during calls and meetings.


  • 4x digital zoom offered is offered, so you can control what can be seen and how much focus is on you.
  • The camera can be panned and tilted as needed.
  • This webcam uses RightLight 2 technology to compensate for suboptimal lighting.
  • Logitech’s Logi Tune software (free for Windows and MacOS) gives you access to multiple webcam features during a call, meeting or live stream.


  • This webcam does not offer 4K resolution.
  • There’s no tripod mount option.

Best budget webcam: Logitech C310 HD


Resolution: 720p | Framerate: 30fps | Field of View: 60 degrees (diagonal) | Auto Focus: No, just fixed focus | Microphone(s): 1x mono | Mounting option(s): Universal mounting clip included | Connection: USB Type-A | Special Features: Auto light correction using RightLight 2

Around $30 won’t typically buy you a lot these days, but it will allow you to purchase the Logitech C310 HD webcam. This is a lower-end webcam that offers a maximum of 720p (30fps) resolution. It also lacks many of the features offered by the other, considerably more expensive webcams in this roundup. That said, we like the C310 HD because it provides the average person with enough technology to look and sound presentable during personal video calls. 

This webcam focuses on essentials, not cutting-edge technology. With fewer features comes fewer decisions for the user, which makes it more appealing to people who are not too tech-savvy. The C310 HD is fully compatible with most video calling platforms, like Zoom and Skype. It also uses Logitech’s RightLight 2 feature that automatically handles light correction. This will help people see you clearly, even if the lighting where you are is not ideal. Plus, the single noise reduction microphone will reduce unwanted background noise, so people will hear you more clearly (even if you’re not using wireless earbuds or a headset). 

This webcam comes with an adjustable universal mounting clip that easily connects to most laptop displays. The five foot USB Type-A cable used to connect the webcam to your computer is integrated into the webcam’s body and can’t be removed, so it’s one less thing that could potentially get lost. There is no tripod mount on the C310 HD. If you’re looking for a bare bones webcam that’s extremely affordable, this one will do the trick.


  • The C310 HD works with all popular calling platforms.
  • The webcam uses Logitech’s RightLight 2 for auto light correction when it’s needed.
  • The integrated mounting clip is adjustable and attaches to most laptop screens.


  • The C310 HD only offers mono sound with a noise-reduction radius of about 5 feet.
  • The webcam relies on a fixed focus camera with no autofocus feature.
  • No tripod mount or privacy shutter is included.

Best premium webcam: Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K


Resolution: Up to 4K | Framerate: 30fps | Field of View: 72 or 82 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): None | Mounting option(s): Universal mount | Connection: USB | Special Features: Uses a 1 / 1.2 inch Sony Starvis 2 sensor with F1.7 aperture lens, auto face tracking using AI, integrated lens cover for privacy

While the Logitech C30 HD falls into the low-end of what webcams can do, if you’re willing to spend about 10x more (around $300), you can plug the new Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K into your computer and take advantage of the very latest technologies to make you look and sound fantastic. This webcam is a popular choice amongst hardcore gamers and live streamers, but it can just as easily be used in a corporate or home office setting for video calls and virtual meetings. 

In addition to 4K video, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K uses AI-powered video imaging to keep you centered in the frame, while automatically adjusting focus and how it handles ambient lighting. This means it works well in low light or brightly lit settings, and automatically compensates for your movement in a meeting room or while doing a product demonstration. 

This webcam takes advantage of a large, 1 / 1.2 inch Sony Starvis 2 sensor with a glass F1.7 aperture lens that can capture more light than many other webcams. The Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K accurately captures color and detail using high dynamic range (HDR), so you will look natural. It’s even easy to blur out the background when you want to be the center of attention. Using Razer’s free Synapse software, controlling the webcam and customizing settings (like zoom, pan, tilt, ISO and shutter speed) can be done before and during calls. For gamers, streamers, social media influencers or business professionals, there’s a lot to like about the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K. 


  • The Razer Kiyo Pro has automatic face tracking that uses AI to stay focused and adjust light levels accordingly.
  • The webcam relies on a large, 1 / 1.2 inch Sony Starvis 2 sensor with F1.7 aperture lens to capture incredible detail in up to 4K (30fps) resolution.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) makes colors more vibrant and brings out the darkest and lightest tones to showcase crisper and more detailed video.
  • When turned on, the Bokeh effect feature will blur the background.


  • It’s expensive, but worth the investment if you’re looking for pro-quality gear.
  • There’s no integrated microphone, because it’s assumed you’ll be using a pro-quality mic or headset with a built-in mic.

Best webcam that follows movement: Insta360 Link


Resolution: Up to 4K | Framerate: 30ps | Field of View: 67 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): Dual noise canceling (stereo) | Mounting option(s): Universal clip and ¼-inch tripod mount | Connection: USB Type-C | Special Features: Offers portrait, whiteboard, desk view and overhead modes, AI tracking, HDR, 4x digital zoom, ½ inch sensor

Over the past few years, Insta360 has become a major contender in the action camera marketplace. So it makes sense that when the company turned its focus on designing a webcam, Insta360 did an impressive job implementing really useful features. Most notably, we love the webcam’s AI tracking and 3-axis gimbal lens. The cam uses automatic zooming, rotation and tilting to ensure you stay centered in the frame. These features make the Link ideal for someone who likes to move around during a video call, virtual meeting or live stream.

While using the webcam, it can be controlled using supplied software, but it also responds to hand gestures and voice commands. And thanks to the ½ inch sensor, the camera captures clear content in most lighting situations. It even adjusts accordingly if the ambient light changes. The Link also offers versatility with its Whiteboard mode, DeskView mode, Overhead mode and Portrait mode.

At the same time the webcam uses technology to help you look your best, it also relies on dual noise canceling microphones to make sure you can be heard clearly — and in stereo. Link is fully compatible with all popular platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, which makes it ideal for remote workers and corporate professionals alike.


  • The webcam has a compact design with an integrated 3-axis moving mount that uses AI tracking to keep the subject in focus.
  • It’s easily controlled remotely using hand gestures.
  • HDR boosts color and showcases more detail, even in low light.
  • Uses phase detection auto focus to quickly focus on items, for example, that are held up to the camera and then refocuses on the main subject.
  • It’s extremely versatile in virtual meetings or live streams, thanks to the portrait, whiteboard, desk view and overhead modes.


  • Insta360’s Mini 2-in-1 Tripod is sold separately, but a discounted webcam and tripod bundle is available. 
  • It’s more expensive than a webcam with just 1080p resolution, but the Insta360 Link is more feature-packed than most 4K webcams currently available.

Best webcam for live streaming: Logitech Streamcam


Resolution: Up to 1080p | Framerate: 60fps | Field of View: 78 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): Dual omnidirectional (stereo) mics | Mounting option(s): Universal mount included | Connection: USB Type-C | Special Features: Live indicator light; compact design; auto-framing; optimized for Streamlabs Desktop, Open Broadcaster Software and other streaming software; comes with Logitech’s Capture software

For people who live stream on social media platforms or as part of their professional workflow, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K or Insta360 Link are really good, though expensive, options. If you’d like to spend less, but still be able to utilize important camera features during your live streams, the Logitech Streamcam is a viable option. One key feature that’s lacking, however, is 4K resolution. It maxes out at 1080p (60fps) resolution, which for most live streaming tasks is more than adequate.

On the plus side, the Logitech Streamcam offers a compact design, universal mounting clip and connects to a computer using USB Type-C. It also offers features like auto-framing, auto focus, a 78 degree FOV and dual omnidirectional mics to capture stereo sound. Plus, when you’re on a live stream, on the front of the webcam is a live indicator light to remind you people are watching. 

Right out of the box, the Logitech Streamcam works with most popular live streaming applications like Streamlabs Desktop and all Open Broadcaster Software. The webcam comes with the Logitech Capture software that makes it easy to adjust webcam controls and features. In addition to offering the webcam on its own, Logitech offers two product bundles. The Advanced Streaming Bundle ($690) includes a Blue Sona microphones, Blue Compass boom arm microphone stand, the Logitech Streamcam and a Litra Beam LED light kit. The less expensive Streaming Starter Bundle ($310) includes a Yeti microphone, the Logitech Streamcam and a Litra Glow LED light.


  • It’s designed to work with Streamlabs Desktop, Open Broadcaster Software and other popular streaming applications.
  • The webcam makes livestreaming on services like YouTube or Twitch easy, while helping you to look your best on camera.
  • Smart auto-framing will keep you centered in the frame, even if you move around.
  • The Logitech Streamcam offers a compact design.


  • There’s no privacy shutter.
  • You don’t get an adjustable field of view.
  • The webcam’s low light performance could be better.

Best webcam with built in mini ring light: Razer Kiyo


Resolution: Up to 1080p | Framerate: 30fps | Field of View: 81.6 degrees | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): One omnidirectional (mono) mic | Mounting option(s): Universal L-shaped mount included | Connection: USB Type-A | Special Features: Mini adjustable ring light built in, full camera control

Not to be confused with the high-end Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K, the less expensive Razer Kiyo is more for personal use (as opposed to in a workplace or home office). It maxes out at 1080p (30fps) resolution, but it’s also priced around $50. What sets this webcam apart from similarly priced competitors is that it has a built-in and adjustable mini ring light, so it can brighten up your face during a video call. To adjust the light’s intensity, simply rotate it.

The Razer Kiyo offers a rather wide 81.6 degree FOV and automatic focus. It does, however, have just one internal omnidirectional microphone, so it only captures mono sound. The L-shaped mount makes it easy to connect this webcam to a laptop computer display, so it sets up quickly and easily. The Razer Kiyo then folds up for easy transport. You also get full compatibility with all popular video calling platforms. 

This is one of the more versatile webcams in its price range that we’ve come across. It offers a decent collection of features and it’s easy of use. It measures 2.72 x 7.87 x 1.89 inches when unfolded. And using the included Razer Synapse 3 software, all webcam settings are easily adjustable.


  • It’s a more affordable option than the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K.
  • The integrated 5600K daylight-balanced ring light that can be manually adjusted by twisting it.
  • The autofocus feature keeps you in focus, even if you move around or hold up a product, for example.
  • The mount’s angle can be adjusted. It can also be used with a tripod (but the tripod mount is sold separately).
  • You get impressive image quality with a wide field of view.


  • There’s no 4K support.
  • If you’re livestreaming, you’ll want to use a pro-quality external microphone, not the mic built into the webcam.
  • You don’t get Windows Hello support if you’re a Windows user.

Best portable 4K webcam for conference Rooms: EPOS Expand Vision 3T


Resolution: 1080p | Framerate: 60fps | Field of View: 100 degrees (horizontal) | Auto Focus: Yes | Microphone(s): Two omnidirectional, noise canceling mics | Mounting option(s): Integrated mount | Connection: HDMI and Ethernet | Special Features: Certified to work with Microsoft Teams and other virtual meeting platforms; adjusts light and color in real time; portable design; offers dual screen support

The EPOS Expand Video 3T is an all-in-one video conferencing solution for the workplace. This model is ideal for small to medium size meeting rooms. It works exceptionally well with Microsoft Teams, but is compatible with many other video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms. The webcam is easily mountable and relies on a 4K Sony sensor with enhanced PTZ and high-end audio components to make everyone in a conference room easily seen and heard. 

What’s nice about this system is that it offers plug-and–play functionality and only needs to be connected to a large screen TV or monitor to function. No computer is required. The EPOS Expand Video 3T is on the expensive side. However, you can spend a bit more to upgrade the video conferencing system with a touchscreen control panel, handheld remote control and a wireless speakerphone (that can ensure that up to eight people sitting around a conference room table will all be heard clearly during a virtual meeting).

The EPOS Expand Video 3T runs using the Android operating system. While it uses a 4K wide-angle camera with Sony sensor, it offers 1080p (60fps) resolution for actual video conferences. The camera allows for 4x digital zoom with AI-powered automatic framing.


  • The microphones are designed to pick up all voices in a room, so everyone is clearly heard.
  • It’s easy to set up and then connect to virtual meetings on most platforms.
  • The dual screen support allows one monitor to show the people on the other end of a meeting, while the second monitor can simultaneously showcase a PowerPoint deck, for example.
  • Multiple upgrade options are available.


  • The integrated mount’s functionality is limited.
  • It’s on the expensive side, but caters more to a business user in a meeting room setting, compared to the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K, for example.

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