Timeline of Weinstein allegations dating back decades

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Here is a timeline of allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has denied having any nonconsensual sexual conduct with any women.

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— 1984: Tomi-Ann Roberts, a 20-year-old aspiring actress, meets Weinstein in his New York hotel room to discuss a film. Weinstein is nude in the bathtub and asks Roberts to bare her breasts, she told The New York Times. She leaves the hotel room, she said.

— Around 1990: British actress Kate Beckinsale, then 17 years old, arrives to meet with Weinstein at The Savoy hotel in London and is told by reception to go to his room. He opens the door in his bathrobe and offers her alcohol, she wrote in an Instagram post. She tells Weinstein she has school in the morning and leaves, she said. A few years later, Beckinsale said Weinstein asked if he’d made advances at the London hotel, apparently unable to remember.

— Early 1990s: Actress Rosanna Arquette, then in her early 30s, stops by The Beverly Hills Hotel to pick up a movie script from Weinstein, who is in the bathroom when she arrives and asks for a massage, she told The New Yorker magazine and The New York Times.

— Early 1990s: Louise Godbold, then 28 and seeking a film industry internship, is touring Weinstein’s offices when he leads her to an empty meeting room, begs for a massage and places his hands on her shoulders as she moves to leave, she wrote on the website of the childhood trauma social network ACEs Connection.

— 1991: Laura Madden, then an employee, is asked by Weinstein to give him massages at hotels in Dublin and London, she told The New York Times.

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— 1993: Actress Katherine Kendall, 23, arrives at Weinstein’s New York apartment for a business meeting, and he returns from the bathroom in his bathrobe, then nude, chasing her around the room and asking to see her breasts, she told The New York Times. She said she refused his advances.

— 1994: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 22, is summoned to Weinstein’s suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for a meeting, where she refuses his suggestion of a massage, she told The New York Times. Paltrow said her then-boyfriend, actor Brad Pitt, confronted Weinstein soon after.

— 1995: Liza Campbell, a British artist and writer then in her mid-30s, arrives to meet with Weinstein at The Savoy hotel in London, but he instead asks her to join him for a bath as she hears him undress, she wrote in The Sunday Times of London. She immediately leaves, she said.

— September 1995: Actress Mira Sorvino, 27 and attending the Toronto International Film Festival, meets with Weinstein at his hotel room where he massages her shoulders and chases her around, prompting her to leave, she told The New Yorker. Weeks later, Sorvino said, Weinstein shows up at her New York apartment after midnight and she convinces him to leave by telling him her boyfriend is coming over.

— 1996: French actress Judith Godreche, 24, attends a meeting with Weinstein and a female Miramax executive at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on the French Riviera, she told The New York Times. The female executive leaves, and Godreche joins Weinstein at his suite to discuss a film they were working on. After Godreche says no to his suggestion of a massage, he pulls off her sweater and she leaves, she said.

— 1997: Actress Ashley Judd, then in her late 20s, arrives at a hotel in Beverly Hills for breakfast with Weinstein and learns they will be meeting in Weinstein’s suite. She rejects his suggestions to give him a massage, to give him a shoulder rub, to pick out his clothes and to watch him shower, she told The New York Times. She earlier spoke of the encounter to the trade magazine Variety without naming Weinstein.

— 1997: Actress Rose McGowan, 23, reaches a financial settlement with Weinstein after an encounter in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, according to a legal document reviewed by The New York Times. On Thursday, McGowan tweeted “HW raped me,” apparently in reference to Harvey Weinstein.

— 1997: Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director then 21 years old, arrives at what she expects to be a Miramax party at a hotel room at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on the French Riviera, but only Weinstein is there, she told The New Yorker. After going into the bathroom he returns in his bathrobe and asks for a massage, she said. Argento gives him a massage, and Weinstein forces her legs apart and performs oral sex on her despite her protests, she said. She told the magazine they had consensual sexual relations in the years that followed.

— 1997: Model Zoe Brock, 23, is chased by a naked Weinstein, locking herself in the bathroom of his suite at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on the French Riviera, she wrote in a post on Medium.com. She convinces him to get dressed and to allow her to stay the night in his penthouse suite at the Majestic Hotel, leaving at dawn before Weinstein returns, she said.

— Around 1997: Claire Forlani, an English actress then 25 years old, attends two meetings with Weinstein at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel and three dinners where Weinstein suggested massages and talked about actresses he has slept with, she wrote in a Twitter post. Forlani wrote she “ducked, dived and ultimately got out of there” each time.

— 1998: Zelda Perkins, a 25-year-old assistant in London, confronts Weinstein about remarks in hotel rooms she considers inappropriate, and about Weinstein’s treatment of another female co-worker, her former co-workers told The New York Times.

— Late 1990s: Actress Angelina Jolie, then in her early 20s, rejects unwanted advances from Weinstein in a hotel room, she wrote in an email to The New York Times.

— Late 1990s: Actress Tara Subkoff, in her mid-20s, attends a premiere after-party where Weinstein grabs her to sit on his lap and she felt Weinstein’s erection, she told Variety. After Subkoff got up from Weinstein’s lap, she said he made requests that prompted Subkoff to laugh in Weinstein’s face and leave the party.

— Early 2000s: Actress Heather Graham, then in her early 30s, is told by Weinstein while discussing movie scripts that he has an agreement with his wife allowing him to sleep with anyone he wanted when he was out of town, she wrote in Variety.

— Early 2000s: British actress Romola Garai, 18, arriving for what she expected to be a job interview at The Savoy hotel in London, is asked to go to Weinstein’s hotel room, where he is waiting in a dressing gown, she told The Guardian.

— 2003: Dawn Dunning, then a 24-year-old aspiring actress, is invited to a meal at a New York City hotel, but after arriving is told to go to Weinstein’s suite instead, where he is wearing a bathrobe, she told The New York Times. He said he had contracts for three films, but she would only allow her to sign them on the condition they have sex, she said. Dunning said she quickly left.

— 2004: Lucia Evans, then Lucia Stoller, a college student and aspiring actress, is approached by Weinstein at the Cipriani Upstairs club in New York and accepts an invitation to meet with a female Miramax casting executive, but is led to an office where she was alone with Weinstein and he forces her to perform oral sex on him, she told The New Yorker. Weinstein later begins calling her late at night, she said. The experience led to eating problems, caused her schoolwork to suffer, ruined relationships and made roommates fear she’d kill herself, she said.

— After 2004: French actress Lea Seydoux, then in her 20s, fends off Weinstein’s attempt to kiss her in his hotel room after he flirted with her at a fashion show, she wrote in The Guardian.

— Around 2007: Television anchor Lauren Sivan, 28, meets with Weinstein and others at the New York restaurant Cipriani before driving to the Cuban-themed club Socialista, where during a tour of the club’s restaurant, Weinstein tells two kitchen staffers to leave, attempts to kiss Sivan and then exposes himself and masturbates into a plant while blocking her path, she told HuffPost.

— 2008: Louisette Geiss, then an actress and screenwriter, is pitching her script to Weinstein at a hotel during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, when Weinstein changes into a bathrobe, gets into a hot tub and asks Geiss to watch him masturbate, she recounted during a news conference this week.

— 2008: Sarah Ann Masse, then an aspiring actress, comedian and writer, arrives for an interview to work as a nanny for Weinstein’s three children and is greeted by Weinstein in his underwear, she told Variety. At the end of the interview, Weinstein gives her a long hug and says he loves her, she said. Masse said an assistant calls afterward to say that Weinstein decided not to hire her as a nanny because she was an actress.

— 2010: French actress Emma de Caunes, 34, visits Weinstein’s room at the Hotel Ritz in Paris to get a movie script, she told The New Yorker. Weinstein leaves his bathroom naked with an erection, and asks her to lie on his bed, she said. De Caunes said she quickly left.

— January 2011: Actress Jessica Barth, then in her early 30s, arrives at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for a business meeting with Weinstein, when he asks her over the phone to come to his room, she told The New Yorker. While there, Weinstein demands a naked massage in his bed, and she leaves, she said.

— After 2010: British model and actress Cara Delevingne, then in her early 20s, receives a call from Weinstein where he asks if she had slept with “the women I was seen out with in the media,” she wrote in an Instagram post. He also tells her that her sexual orientation could limit her career prospects, she wrote. A year or two later at a hotel, Weinstein brags about sleeping with actresses, asks Delevingne to kiss another woman and tries to kiss Delevingne when she attempts to leave, she said. Delevingne wrote she regrets accepting a part afterward in a movie Weinstein produced.

— December 2014: Emily Nestor, recently hired as a temporary employee, meets with Weinstein at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel, where he promises her career help if she agrees to have sex, she told The New Yorker, and told co-workers in accounts reported by The New York Times. Co-workers notify The Weinstein Co. executives of Nestor’s allegations.

— March 2015: Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, an Italian model and actress then 22 years old, arrives at Weinstein’s New York office for a meeting about her career and soon after calls police, claiming Weinstein grabbed her breasts and put his hands up her skirt. The next day, Gutierrez wears a wire from New York City police and meets Weinstein at a bar. The district attorney declines to prosecute.

— 2015: Lauren O’Connor, a 28-year-old literary scout, production executive and colleague of an unnamed The Weinstein Co. employee allegedly harassed by a naked Weinstein, sends a memo detailing misconduct to executives, reported The New York Times.


Sirolly reported from Philadelphia.

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