Happy Birthday to the Red White and Blue

jason kraus

Born in Southern California every 4th of July celebration I can remember was pretty much the same.  Playing in the neighborhood all day while stopping to eat a wide variety of foods usually only available on holidays.  I’m sure some type of large firework show took place but I don’t […]

Article 4 Section 4

jason kraus

I was recently having a conversation with an incredibly bright individual about western civilization (specifically Socratic Theory which was introduced through Plato’s Republic) and different types of government. A question was then asked of me which I answered. When I finished, a comment was made that my next column should […]

Thank you Dad

jason kraus

In this day and age the verbiage used in everyday discussion is neglect and void. Neglect of substance. Void of humility. Too many are self-proclaimed “geniuses” or “experts” or the “greatest of all time”. Lost souls referring to themselves as God, Jesus, or followers of Bernie Sanders . Oy vey. […]

Rope Is Recyclable

jason kraus

It can be a truly bizarre thing to watch human behavior.  Millions of souls making decisions that go against their very survival. How do we change the “hearts and minds” of those who haven’t any heart and absolutely no mind? It is the curse of the “good” to have to […]

In Memoriam

jason kraus

How do you say thank you, to humans you’ve never met in this world, and never will? How? How do you say thank you to those still on Bunker Hill? At Gettysburg? Those still on the beach at Omaha or Normandy? Those still located around the 38th Parallel. How do […]

Breaking the law is no longer a crime

jason kraus

James Comey sat in front of the world and stated that Huma Abedin had committed multiple crimes and yet not one politician called for her indictment. Not one. Comey furthered his part of ruining America and proving that emasculation does indeed physically exist by proclaiming to be “mildly nauseous”. His […]

To be an American moral choices must be made

jason kraus

As always there is a lot going on in the world.  Information and misinformation flows continuously.  The days of taking anything at face value are long gone.  I’ve received many questions from concerned Americans about what is happening to our country and what they can do to stop this runaway […]

Firing with both fists

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Courage is not assertion without fear. Courage is assertion in spite of fear and comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. I was reminded of this a few days ago while having a conversation. The individual I was speaking with was making jokes after receiving yet another round of chemotherapy. […]

What am I going to do for you?

jason kraus

A conversation took place a while ago. If you get elected what are you going to do for me? My answer was simple. I’m not going to do anything for you. You are going to do for you! If elected I am going to go to DC and stop the […]