Let Not Fear Dictate Your Outcome

jason kraus

Whether it is the Clintons, Cuomos, Newsom or Biden/Harris the drone of sexual deviancy pushes forward as the #MeToo misogynists matriculate where needed and feign aghast when required.

The new tool in the arsenal of the diseased, is to state that they are on the “right side of history” and many believe, as their fable is told, their reputations will be written in a positive light, as history is supposedly written by the victors.

It is not.

History is written every day, as the “memory” of the web is the catch 22 that occurs, although Google, Facebook, Twitter and friends are doing their best to challenge that dichotomy.

They will not be successful.

To paraphrase a famous line when the liberals finally go out it won’t be with a bang but rather a whimper.

With all moments in human behavioral history the righteous eventually attack their abusers and unlike humans living in Asia, Africa, Europe, most of North America and all of the Southern continent, the humans living in these United States have in the past, replaced the current system, with something better.

Americans earn, strive, and when suffer too greatly, fight.

The difference currently is too many still don’t feel that they’ve suffered enough and until that moment of inflection occurs the criminal politicians known as Democrat will continue to run wild as the cowardly politicians known as Republican sit idly by or in some RINO cases join in.

Too many in today’s America are willing to listen to the “experts” whose only quality of consistency, validity, and reliability is the drawing of a paycheck from some government backed entity.

Money does indeed talk and it’s spewing through the maws of too many in the “medical” community.

Case in point decades ago I sought a doctor to give me a cortisone shot in a shoulder I’d damaged playing baseball. I knew exactly when the damage occurred, had gone through my options of physical therapy and decided the next step was the injection. As I’ve shared this story in the past I will fast forward through the “doctor” who was obese, could barely walk and collapsed into a chair while he ignored the only reason I was in his office to try and sell me a statin for my “high cholesterol.”

Of course I declined, which quite possibly saved my life, as trying to get off of statins has lead to the death of a plethora of humans.

Years after this I was in a different doctor’s office for a routine check-up. The “physician” needed to lose at least forty pounds and was admittedly struggling with the new computer system in front of him when he blurted out that I might have a “heart murmur.”

I do not.

A couple of years ago I picked up a virus. Runny nose, sore throat, blah blah blah, same thing as millions of humans get every year.

After about a week my wife became a little concerned because I am never sick.


Part of our insurance program was the ability to call an M. D. for a diagnosis and possible prescription.

After a fifteen minute question and answer I was informed that a doctor would call.

About twenty minutes later a doctor did indeed call and asked the same questions that they always do.

How long, congestion, color of fluids, yada yada yada.

After a brief two minute chat he told me what I already knew.

“You have a virus. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses. It will work its way out in a few more days. If it goes longer than a few weeks you may want to go see your regular physician.”

No kidding?

Thanks Doc.

Before I continue I will say that I do know a couple of doctors who are excellent physicians who not only provide great care but also follow their own advice.

Sadly most do not, yet Americans who’ve lived their entire lives being told viruses have to work their way through, continue to ignore their own common sense and historical data to clamor for a vaccine that is not only not providing them any protection from the RONA but has actually hospitalized many who have been willing to let their fear control their outcome.

The lie of this century known as Covid-19 has “reportedly” been in the United States for well over a year.

If you haven’t had any contact or issues with it the chances you will now are miniscule.

I am in contact with people all over America and I’ve only known one person that I can factually verify who had the RONA.

The individual is an incredible friend, wonderful parent and great American who is in their mid fifties, has had a heart attack, and will openly say they need to lose seventy-five to one hundred pounds.

Their “symptoms” were flulike, and after a week, were back to normal.

Just in the last week I’ve verified at least three different people who’ve received the vaccine who’ve had major problems, including 104 degree temperatures, bells palsy type facial issues and even hospitalization.

All of these people were fine, had nothing wrong UNTIL they willingly allowed poison to be pumped into their bodies.

For their sakes I hope they don’t have any repercussions down the road and even more importantly learned that their decisions based in fear could have cost them their lives.

If I walked around Anywhere U. S. A. right now and asked “people on the street” if they trusted government I doubt few would say yes and those that do are idiotic liberals who believe Portland and Minneapolis look good in spray paint and rising homicides.

Overwhelmingly most humans living in America do not trust any form of government, rightly so, and ignore virtually everything their doctors tell them UNLESS they are told to “take this pill” or “you need this shot.”

Regardless of what you may believe viruses do not kill humans, type-two diabetes is one hundred percent curable by consuming less calories, doctors are making fortunes off your “prescriptions” and the government lies. . .about everything.

Oh Jason we know all of this.

No, it’s clear many of you do not or worse are too afraid to bet on “yourselves” and are willing to be lead to the slaughter.

One heart attack, stroke, or “Covid-19” related episode at a time.

First they required masks, and you put it on,

Then they locked down businesses, and you hid in your house,

They invaded your body and you smiled and put it on facebook,

Now you stare at each other awaiting a check and permission to step outside.

Life is too short to live in fear and these United States were not founded or protected by cowards.

Turn off the television.

Get off the internet, and the couch, and get moving.

Your country is going to need you soon.

Sooner than you think and your freedom is predicated upon your response.

This is a country of rugged individualism.

Prepare to do your part or the liberal California train to nowhere will eventually arrive at your door, where your mask and vaccine will provide the same benefit they do now.

None whatsoever.

Jason Kraus



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