A $175 check signed by Steve Jobs is up for auction—it’s ‘expected to fetch $25,000’ or more

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Most deposited checks wind up at the bottom of trash cans. But if you find one signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, it might be worth extra cash.

RR Auction, a Boston-based organization that sources and sells historical autographs, manuscripts and artifacts, is auctioning off a $175 check signed by Steve Jobs in July 1976. It was payable to Crampton, Remke & Miller, a now-shuttered management consulting firm that offered advice to other notable tech companies like Atari and Xerox, according to RR Auction.

The check is expected to fetch $25,000,” over 142 times its original worth, according to the company’s press release.

“It’s a highly desirable, essentially flawless check from a central moment in the history of modern tech,” said Bobby Livingston, RR Auction’s executive vice president, referring to the early days of Apple.

In 1974, Jobs left his role as a video game designer and reconnected with Steve Wozniak, a former high school friend. They formed Apple two years later. Company lore holds that they operated out of Jobs’ family garage, though Wozniak told Bloomberg in 2014 the co-founders mostly worked out of their own homes.

The check features the company’s first address, a Palo Alto-based answering and mail drop service, which Jobs and Wozniak used until Apple found a home base in Cupertino, California, in 1977.

When Jobs was kicked out of Apple in 1985, he started a rival computer company called NeXT. The company was acquired back into Apple in 1997 along with Jobs himself. A 1990s business card from Jobs’ stint at NeXT is also up for auction.

Other items up for bid until May 10 include a draft of Albert Einstein’s “The Essence of the Theory of Relativity” handwritten manuscript and a promotional record insert signed by The Beatles.

In the past, RR Auction has sold a letter signed by Jobs, a first-generation iPhone and an authenticated Apple-1 computer prototype. The computer, from the mid-1970s, went for $677,000 in August 2022.

A month later, the company offered up a gold necklace Elon Musk gifted his college sweetheart, Jennifer Gwynne, in 1994. It sold, along with a photograph of her wearing the jewelry and standing next to Musk, for $51,008.

The site authenticates its artifacts through a number of third-party experts.

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