Yellen says Fed is being ‘thoroughly sensible’ and not crazy like Trump says

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen balked at President Donald Trump’s growing attacks on the Fed and expressed confidence in Jay Powell, her successor, according to The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

“The Fed is certainly not crazy in terms of what it’s doing,” Yellen reportedly said, speaking at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

“Removing monetary policy accommodation is a thoroughly sensible strategy. It’s been well communicated,” Yellen added. Yellen led the Fed for four years.

Trump continued his attack on the Fed this week, saying Powell is making a mistake by being too stringent with monetary policy. He blamed the Fed for causing a massive drop in stocks this week that took the Dow Jones Industrial Average down nearly 1400 points on Wednesday and Thursday.

“It’s a correction that I think is caused by the Fed and interest rates,” Trump said from the Oval Office on Thursday. “The dollar is very strong, very powerful – and it causes difficulty doing business.”

Yellen also said she had confidence in Powell.

The Fed has hiked its benchmark interest rates three times this year, with another rate hike expected before the end of 2018 and three more likely in 2019. Despite Trump’s open criticism, Yellen believes the Fed will continue with its economic strategy

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