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A woman who was the youngest competitor in a grueling round the world boat race was forced to abandon her journey. Her boat all but destroyed in a ferocious storm and Adrienne who is ferocious herself is here on how she was saved. I love our banter. Yes. On and off here. Well, like working here with Dan Harris, this was white an adventure. The golden globe race celebrating its 50th anniversary as expert sailors head out on a 30,000-mile trek. That was on the open seas. Susie Goodall was in fourth place when she encountered some rough waters. She’s the youngest competitor in one of the most daring races on the planet. In school it was what do you want to do when you grow up kind of thing? My thing was always I want to sail around the world. Reporter: But after sailing over 15,000 miles and spending 157 days alone at sea, this race around the globe became a fight to stay alive. Bbc sports obtained the dramatic emergency call. The boat is destroyed. The boat inside and out is destroyed. Reporter: After a violent storm surviving 23-foot waves and being left adrift for more thank 50 hours, Susie was finally rescued from her vessel. The worst began when Susie’s yacht was tossed completely flipped over. If you can imagine the boat — the wave comes up, picks it up and it started going down like this and then went end over end like that. Reporter: Susie says at one point she was unconscious, seasick and bruised and still was able to keep tweeting, taking a hammering wondering what on Earth I’m doing out here. Sailors are without any electronic navigation AIDS. They sail just like it was in 1968. Paper charts, sextant, a running log. Reporter: The Chilean Navy brought a nearly 40,000-ton cargo ship to her rescue. When they found her the mast was gone. She was on Twitter and saying “On the ship, very good hot drink.” About a month ago when asked if she considered the sea a friend or foe, she answered — I would say a friend who turns on me every now and then. Yeah, certainly. In a statement her family thanks everyone for well wishes. When she was younger Susie loved doing somersaults on trampolines. We never thought she’d do one in a boat. Able to get the tweets out. That’s amazing. I would not be thinking about tweeting at that moment. But she was resilient and obviously made for the open sea. When you’re a millennial, it’s a reflex. Don’t hate. Let me get a selfie. Well, it’s an epic story and it’s cool to see that she was able to take us along with her on that wild ride. Exactly. Thank you. Appreciate it. No problem.

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