WATCH: Rev. Raphael Warnock speaks after projected victory in Georgia Senate runoff

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We are joined by reverend Raphael Warnock. Reverend Warnock, thanks for joining us. Congratulations. First black senator ever from the state of Georgia. What does that say to you about your state and our country? Good morning, George. Listen, I’m deeply honored that the people of Georgia decided to place their faith in me and have decided to send me to represent their interests in Washington, D.C. I look forward to representing all of the people of Georgia. Certainly this is a historic moment and I’m just deeply grateful to be a vessel in a moment in which we’re facing such large problems in our country and I can’t wait to get to the U.S. Senate to represent the concerns of ordinary people. Where do you think president trump’s questioning of the Georgia election over the last several week has in your win? Well, you know, there are plenty of things to slice and dice and talk about that but I’m really focussed on the people here in this state who have won and when are they getting the relief they need? The senate should have approved the $2,000 stimulus last week. People are really struggling. And I look forward to doing that important work and I’m deeply honored. Look, it took a lot of hands to get us here, and Georgia is in such an incredible place when you think about the arc of our history, we are sending an African-American pastor of ebenezer Baptist church where martin Luther king Jr. Served and also Jon ossoff, a young jewish man, the son of an immigrant to the U.S. Senate. This is the reversal of the old southern strategy that sought to divide people. In this moment we’ve got to bring people together in order to do the hard work and I look forward to doing that. 14 days from now Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president of the United States. Beyond those $2,000 stimulus checks what’s your number one goal for this year? Well, we got to get this virus under control. Like so many Americans as we witnessed the incredible death toll over 350,000 Americans lost live, lost livelihoods we need a national strategy that takes this virus seriously, that gets the vaccine distributed safely and efficiently. We’ve got to re-open our economy, kid our kids safely back to school and make sure that people know that they will have their health care, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. Reverend Warnock, thanks for your time this morning. Thank you. Big smile there. He knows he has work to do and is ready to do it. Control of the senate is at

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