WATCH: Harris, Pence respond to child’s question on how Democrats, Republicans can get along

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You know, I wrote all the questions that I asked tonight, but for the final question of the debate, I’d like to read a question that someone else wrote. The Utah debate commission asked students in the state to write essays about what they would like to ask you and I want to close tonight’s debate with a question posed by brecklin brown from Utah. And she wrote, quote, when I watch the news, all I see is arguing between Democrats and Republicans. When I watch the news, all I see is citizen fighting against when I watch the news, all I see are two candidates from opposing parties trying to tear each other down. If our leaders can’t get along, how are the citizens supposed to get along? And then she added, your examples could make all the difference to bring us together. End quote. So, to each of you, in turn, I’d like you to take one minute and respond to brecklin. Vice president pence, you have one minute. That’s a wonderful question. And let me just come mend you for taking an interest in public life. I started following the news when I was very young and in America, we believe in a free and open exchange of debate. And we celebrate that. It’s how we’ve created literally the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. I will tell you that — don’t assume that what you’re seeing on your local news networks is synonymous with the American people. You know, I look at the relationship between justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late justice who we just lost on the supreme court, and the late Justin Antonin Scalia. They were on polar opposites on the supreme court of the united States, one very liberal, one very conservative, but what’s been learned since her passing was the two of them and their families were the very closest of friends. I mean, here in America, we can disagree, we can debate vigorously, as senator Harris and I have here on this stage tonight, but when the debate is over, we come together as Americans. And that’s what people do in big cities and small towns all across this country, so, I just want to encourage you, I want to tell you, we’re going to work every day to have government as good as our people. And the American people each and every day love a good debate, we love a good argument, but we always come together and are always there for one another. Thank you. In times of need and we’ve especially learned that through the difficulties of this year. Thank you. Senator Harris what would you say to brecklin? Well, first of all, I love hearing from your young leaders, and when I hear her words, when I hear your words, brecklin, I know our future is bright, because it is that perspective on who we are and who we should be that is a sign of leadership and is something we should all aspire to be. And you know, that brings me to Joe. Joe Biden, one of the reasons that Joe decided to run for president is after charlottesville, which we talked about earlier, it so troubled him and upset him, like it did all of us, that there was that kind of hate and division, what propelled Joe to run for president was to see that over the course of the last four years, what brecklin described has been happening. Joe has a long-standing reputation of working across the aisle and working in a bipartisan way. And that’s what he’s going to do as president. Joe Biden has a history of lifting people up and fighting for their dignity. You have to know Joe’s story to know that Joe has known pain, he has known suffering and he has known love. And so, brecklin, when you think about the future, I do believe the future is bright. And it will be because of your leadership and I will be because we fight for each person’s voice through their vote and we get engaged in this election, because you have the ability through your work and through eventually your vote to determine the future of our country and what it’s leadership looks like. Thank you, senator Harris. Thank you, vice president pence. Thank you so much for being with us tonight.

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